Delegate Profile Thread

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  • This forum thread is to serve as a homepage for all Delegates to post their Delegate Profile
  • Delegates will initially be voting on network upgrades and prioritization of StarkNet features

Delegating StarkNet governance power is a peer-to-peer interaction between token holders and Delegates. To facilitate this permissionless process, the foundation has created this thread and suggested a framework for delegates to post introductory information about themselves for token-holders and community members to review. In the future, we will transfer these profiles to a more formal interface to serve as a homepage for delegation. To understand the role of StarkNet delegates, we encourage all to read the Delegate Expectations; Starknet Governance announcements Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3; The Foundation Post; as well as the Delegate Onboarding announcement before proceeding.

If you are inclined, available, and qualified to be an active participant in Starknet Governance, please signal to token-holders your willingness to receive delegation by completing the delegate profile and posting it in this thread.

Starknet Delegate Profile


  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: [0x71c…]
  • StarkNet address: [0x71c…] (optional)
  • ENS name (optional): [please set as primary ENS]
  • Twitter handle (optional): [@Delegate]
  • Any relevant links/Websites (optional):
  • Introduction video link (optional):

Suggested Profile Topics

  • Please provide your past experience and contributions to the StarkNet ecosystem.
  • Why do you want to be a delegate? How do you plan to fulfill this role?
  • Please list and explain the core values that will guide your decision-making.
  • Please provide your past experience in DAO governance.
  • Please provide your skills and areas of expertise.
  • Why should someone delegate to you? Anything token-holders should know about you?
  • Please provide any potential conflicts of interest with your participation in StarkNet governance as a delegate.
  • Any additional information to consider before delegating to you? Any requests of Delegators?

*For Token-Holders seeking delegates: please recognize the importance, involvement, and value delegates provide to token-holders. Healthy governance is a key factor in StarkNet’s success. We encourage Delegators to consider compensating Delegates for the service they are providing. Please respect any specific requests made by delegates in this forum before delegating.

For any questions about delegation please post in the Delegate Onboarding Announcement thread; reach out to me on twitter @DevenMat, email, or through my StarkNet forum account. This thread should strictly contain Delegate Profiles.


PGov Delegate Profile


  • Address: 0x3fb19771947072629c8eee7995a2ef23b72d4c8a
  • ENS: PGov.eth
  • Twitter: @PGovTeam

Hello everyone! We’re a team of dedicated governance enthusiasts who have been in the crypto governance space for over two years now! Starknet has some of the most unique governance purposes we’ve seen across all of the chains we’ve been in and are excited to hone in on our technical skills!

Our primary goal is to use the knowledge we have learned in the past few years to help grow Starknet and its community. We’ve been keeping track since day one and are excited to be here for the ride!

Core Values
We are deeply committed to preserving defi’s core values, and will gear our voting decisions based on:

  • Transparency: Clear communication with votes and explanations of reasoning
  • Growth: We see great potential for Starknet and look forward to helping the chain grow as much as possible
  • Real-World Use Cases: We see great use cases in the future for RWA and web2/web3 connecting and look forward to seeing where the RWA uses cases will go

Why us?
We’d love to be your Starknet delegate as many of us have been closely following the chain for a while now. We have upheld a 95%+ participation rate across all the other protocols we are delegates for and plan to spend a lot of time here as well to help build out the ecosystem!

Conflicts of Interest
We take part actively in the governance of other well known projects

Requests for Delegators?
For any questions before delegating, please reach out! We check our DMs constantly and would love to answer any concerns.


Nurstar - Delegate Profile


  • Address: 0x07e0Cb436908F0Ef0164aC0d3624f7cA677592E6
  • ENS: nurstar.eth
  • Twitter: @0xNurstar

Hey everybody, I’m Nurstar and I’m a content creator in the StarkNet Ecosystem. I curate a Daily News Aggregating Recap about StarkNet (and in limited extent about StarkEx) together with some visual and audio contents such as YouTube Tutorials and Twitter Spaces in order to spread awareness and organic excitement about the developments around this scaling solution.

I would like to become a Delegate because it would be a very teaching experience for me and it would give me the opportunity to better report and share Governance proposals and developments in my contents with the StarkNet Community and make people feel participant about the governance process even if they don’t take part in it directly. In case it would be considered right by the foundation and the council, I could find ways to make my community play an active part of my voting decision that would always be aimed at making StarkNet a solid and community centric network.

I don’t have direct experience about DAO Governance but I’m knowledgeable about its concept and its role having intensely experienced the period when such concept was born and DAOs principles started being adopted more and more. Although it would be my first direct Governance Experience, I’m aware of the responsibility and of the duties that such a role implies.

My skills and areas of expertise are the ones that characterize Content Creation and Educational/fundamental-driven promotional content with the goal of turning complex concepts into easy to understand words. Although I’m not a very technical figure, three years ago I fully attended a Pathcourse to become a Solidity Dev from scratch and, on top of this experience, I had been studying/analyzing a lot about Blockchain technicalities.

Delegates should choose me as a Delegator as they would have a very active Community Member that will try his best to make them feel an active part of the StarkNet Governance process.

Conflicts of Interest

I create Content about the StarkNet Ecosystem and I’ve been receiving support in terms of sponsorizations, partnerships and grants in order to make such content sustainable in the future for both me and the ecosystem. I remain at disposition to disclose my Business agreements with the Foundation and the council before and during the length of the delegation.

Requests for Delegators?

We could have AMA Spaces to discuss the Governance Process together. You can also DM me your requests and I’ll try my best to answer them asap.

Thanks a lot for your attention,




Hello everyone! I am Godspower Eze, a Software Engineer and Content Creator in the Blockchain Ecosystem. I have 3 years of experience building software and I have been in the blockchain space since 2018. I have volunteered in blockchain communities including Web3Ladies, Blockchain Hub Africa, Web3Bridge, and most recently StarkNet Africa where I served as a Tutor for the just concluded StarkNet Cairo Online Class Cohort 1 and I would also be doing same in the next cohort coming in Q3 of 2023.

I would love to become a Delegate because I believe in the mission and goal of StarkNet and I would love to be part of it. I have the right values and also the fundamental technical knowledge needed to make decisions that would benefit StarkNet in the long run. I also see this as an opportunity to learn more about StarkNet.

As a delegate, I would make sure I take into consideration the long-term effects of my votes by making sure it adheres to the ethos of blockchain and also meticulously weigh the technical implications of my decisions where needed.

My core value as an individual is Excellence and this will guide my decision as a Delegate. I would give my best by making sure my decisions are for the absolute good of StarkNet. I would also be as transparent as possible by stating the reasons behind my decisions.

I don’t have past experience in DAO governance but I am eager to learn by giving my best on this one.

As a Software Engineer, I have good experience in Web2 with proficiency in Python/Django, TypeScript/Javascript, and others. Currently, I work mainly with Web3 Technologies. Proficient in Solidity, Hardhat, Foundry, and Cairo. I am also highly knowledgeable about Blockchain in general and I have also put out a lot of content about it.

A Delegator should choose me if they are looking for someone who has the best interest of StarkNet at heart.

Conflicts of Interest

I don’t have any Conflicts of Interest but will state if any come up during the duration of the delegation.

Requests for Delegators?

Feel free to DM me on Twitter if you have any requests or questions.

Thanks a lot for reading this.




Hello! I am Chris Lexmond, and as a dedicated member of the StarkNet community, I am excited to be considered as a delegate. As an active developer on StarkNet, building Influence, a popular on-chain game, I have a strong vested interest in the success of the platform. Over the past year, I have actively contributed to the community through my development of a Cairo fixed-point math library and a port of Simplex noise to Cairo.

In addition to my technical contributions, I have built strong relationships with the StarkWare product team and other core, third-party infrastructure teams (wallets, block explorers, marketplaces, etc.). I regularly provide feedback and insights to those teams based on my own experiences and the experiences of the Influence community.

As a delegate, I will prioritize decentralization, security, and ecosystem growth. I believe in the importance of transparency and accessibility, and as a delegate, I will be committed to being an active and engaged member of the community and to aiding in StarkNet’s evolution into the premier, decentralized zk-rollup on Ethereum.

Conflicts of Interest

I am the founder of Unstoppable Games, the developer of Influence. As an active user of StarkNet I believe this represents a well-aligned interest rather than a conflict, but I list it again to be as transparent as possible.

Requests for Delegators?

Feel free to reach me at @DarkosNightmare#8555 on Discord or @DarkosNightmare on Telegram.


Tawer95 - Delegate Profile


  • Address Ethereum Mainnet: 0x85B3a0Cc3daA4833840e0bd3a96fE4Ec2A912BfA
  • Address StarkNet Mainnet: 0x03d7b0124c40dea342df7f3e4f0ae21cbe4292ab44134e85dadef7834810bcf7
  • ENS: tawer95.eth
  • tg-channel: Telegram: Contact @tawer_crypt

Greetings all, my name is Sergey, pseudonym is tawer95, I am a content creator on various blockchain projects, I am mainly interested in various L2-solutions of Ethereum, as I see a huge future for this direction of crypto-industry development.

My native language is Russian, but I also speak intermediate English. I want to become a delegate of StarkNet, it would give me a deeper understanding of how the system works, practical experience in working with such a large project, as well as the opportunity to influence the ecosystem in a positive way - decentralization, organic growth of the ecosystem, distribution among the Russian-speaking population, as well as the spread of the entire cryptocommunity.

My skills and areas of expertise: creating content to promote and get people to recognize the brand. At the beginning of the year I wrote articles about blockchain and StarkNet in particular, about the mechanisms and principles of interaction between the network’s validators. The work can be found at the links(in Russian):

Other than that, I’ve been a StarkNet node holder practically since early 2022, I’m more than interested in a fair distribution among truly valuable contributors to the network to keep multi-accounts off the network.

Also, I have programming skills as a kind of hobby, my stack: Python, Django,, Selenium.

Conflicts of Interest.

I have no conflicts of interest, but if any arise during delegation, I will declare them.

Requests for delegates?

Feel free to email me at tg - Telegram: Contact @tawer95 if you have any requests or questions.

Thank you so much for reading this.

  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x504b6954618d78A64D41669AbA9CEe687F0Fb0BA
  • StarkNet address: 0x04f760Ce84F337050d333E547780ab69F319519d781416315569C7dE8446A0aE
  • Twitter username: @Sinattra_Lounge

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate: I’ve been yearning to participate more in the emerging blockchain & web3 space and contribute thoughts and ideas to projects while learning from a community of peers.

My view on the Vision: The vision is a great 1st step/take in creating a tangible framework around public goods. I think it will be crucial when it comes to impact that the system isn’t gamed in a manner in which an individual is doing both positive and negative actions in relation to public goods. For example, externally having a positive impact but as an individual with lesser impact internally doing negative actions. Figuring out the weight distribution between the 2 may help truly measure impact both externally/internally to a reasonable extent without being too internally invasive. Lastly since some public goods are finite (minerals, natural resources) profitability may not be the best approach for these goods and finding a different w to frame and incentive the sustainability of them will be important.

My view I feel there’s a fear with long lived tenants due to the examples of modern constitutions that have swayed away from the original intent or become murky to translate to the present. I believe with web3 this can be solved due to the immutability/transparency of blockchains along with the fact this constitution isn’t being created in a closed mainly monoculture room but within. an open ecosystem. I think it will be key to identify the core aspects of Starknet and how they can be governed & grow autonomously by those heavily interested within that segment.

My interests: Environment, Identity, Infrastructure, Music, Zero Knowledge

My skills and areas of expertise: I’m an environmentally focused software developer with an emphasis on web, ML, IoT, & blockchain development. I enjoy architecting and building in an end to end manner with main strengths being within the web and blockchain space. My core languages are Javascript, Python, and Solidity. I have built a mobile compliance/authoring tool for industrial workflows along with the web portion of a video chat application that interfaces with AR headsets. Currently I have been focused on the web3 space for the past few months learning more about zero knowledge proofs and decentralized identifiers utilizing them in projects centered around IoT and environmental data. With these skills I hope to help connect the physical and digital worlds together with a focus on environmental sustainability and cultivation.



  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x9C8CccB6F344BE0a3CD97319ba9678c07762b10c
  • ENS name: dimmvvv.eth
  • Twitter handle: @dmitriyvvv1


Hello everyone!
I am an active StarkNet ecosystem user and node runner. I’ve been using StarkNet network from early stages in testnet almost a year now. For me it’s really a pleasure to see such opportunity to get involved in project through governance and contribute even more.

I want to see “web3’’ continue to be something really transformative and not just fade into legacy traps because of greed and centralization easy mode. I really appreciate how Starknet is using technology for positive social impact, putting purpose and not just profit front and center and fostering public goods development for the long term benefit of everyone. This is refreshing and equally reassuring at this point in the crypto adoption cycle.

My core values are Consistency, Sustainability and Long-term orientation as I see StarkNet as a big part of Ethereum and whole crypto space ecosystem.

As a DAO governance I’ve participated in governance proposals on Snapshot for different projects on Ethereum and L2 blockchains. I also have some experience in proposal creation & execution in Snapshot as well

As of my skillset I specialise in DevOps for different web3/blockchain project, I also familiar with data and blockchain analytics.

I view myself as a part of daily users of StarkNet and want to be a representative of such users as me participating in governance.

I don’t have any Conflicts of Interest as a future delegate.

For future Delegators feel free to contact me any time on my email

Thank you for your time



Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x13F6F22460f987db6844D897B10D0FCDb31858d1
StarkNet address: 0x05c92d07eE63feFE29Cd7CE236335Dd526524fffB89e76cBe2EC7794Cc613972
Twitter: @Alex96358280

Starknet’s governance concept is new, open and transparent enough. These are very attractive to me.

The governance of many projects on the market at present is not interesting and there is no sense of participation in the knot, and only a small number of people are willing to participate in the governance. So there is a need for agents to emerge.

Becoming an agent can deeply participate in the Starknet ecology and can help the community more deeply.

My view on the Starknet Vision: Many of the so-called public chains in the market are centralized. They are not only decentralized, they also abandon the original value of ETH network. Starknet sticks to its claim (not abandoning the value of Eth, decentralization). I agree with Stark’s proposition. SN’s governance is novel and future-proof. SN introduces and concept of meta-universe governance, which will make community governance more interesting and give community members a sense of participation.

My view on the Starknet governance:
A governance model that can be used as an industry standard has not yet emerged. So we need a dynamic governance logic that can change with the tide. Strongly agree.
Starknet devs and Starknet Holders are mutually constrained to make governance dynamic and balanced, and Starknet Holders makes governance more interesting and participatory.
strongly agree.
The existence of StarkNet Foundation is an important player in the beginning of StarkNet governance and can make it more compliant. As time goes by, the decentralized governance logic will become more mature, and the StarkNet Foundation’s authority will be decentralized at that time. That’s great.

My skills and areas of expertise:
Node operator, developer and web3 enthusiast

Why should someone delegate to me?
You should delegate to me because I am already familiar with the responsibility of being delegated tokens and voting responsibly on behalf of my delegators. One of my businesses is also a PoS validator operator in a projects with big name

  • Address: 0xeeE072349A531CbD66BA9fD1a6d55197a1Fc022b
  • ENS: aleksej.eth
  • Twitter @aego_8

Greetings! My name is Oleksii, from Ukraine, I am contributor and tester on various blockchains and different projects. Deeply tested all L2 solutions. Also tested a lot of platforms on Starknet both on testnet and mainnet. OG and early user of bunch of projects on Starknet. Very excited to be among voters.



  • Ethereum mainnet address: 0x5ef29cf961cf3fc02551b9bdadaa4418c446c5dd
  • ENS name: pscott.eth
  • Twitter handle: @scottpiriou


Why should I be a delegate

I believe I am a good candidate because I am a long-time builder, and have been involved in the ecosystem for a long time and I’ve been attached to Ethereum’s values (and logically, StarkNet’s values) through all these years.
I always try to be as impartial and thought-thru in my decisions. I like taking time to consider everyone’s input before taking any decisions, and I do my best to engage into non-violent, constructive discussions As such, I believe my application can be valuable.

I do want to point out that, although I work at SnapshotLabs (the company behind Snapshot, the voting platform), I am not representing Snapshot’s interests. I am submitting this application in my name and my name only.

Potential conflicts of interest

As stated just above, I am not representing SnapshotLabs through my application: however, I believe delegators ought to know that I do indeed work at SnapshotLabs.



Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x088892a5E65b03a37E7864f7C17e54F6A0F5A1ee
StarkNet address: 0x02050EFf50dB9aEc2eD477247B55f42d0003890E89A6B3acD5FA609Efad79fB6
ENS name: ukraine2023
Twitter handle: @zelinskiysergiy

I am 40 years crypto tester and enthusiast. I am in crypto from 2017y. and have experience to be part of DAO Governance in some projects where main is Stargate DAO. But I wish to be more active and develop my skills also in you project. I am aware for responsibility for every vote and will study any proposal very thoroughly before voting.


Raagzzz Delegate Profile


  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x6dFdb46CF6CAC620b6BB201d9a700d06C55DA0ed

  • StarkNet address: 0x066bD5f5C199887fC6b27C629C34B9Cde730d8E7fFb738650C3A7168C1ca5D8B

  • Twitter handle: @_raagzzz

Hello everyone! I’m Anuraag (raagzzz) I am a hardware engineer, photographer, and recently a solidity developer. I have been paying close attention to blockchain technology and it’s applications over the last 4 years. I began my exploration of ethereum scaling solutions as I noticed the drawbacks in Ethereum’s speed, scalability and cost. I have been actively testing StarkNet and other layer two chains over the last year and providing feedback to the devs on issues.

I believe StarkNet is the most promising effort to make Ethereum secure, scalable and a viable computing platform. Governance is an important aspect in such new and powerful technologies, and it is paramount to maintain the right checks and balances for the network to become open and trusting. I would love the opportunity to help facilitate this governance and I believe I have the right values, education and the technical expertise needed to make decisions that would benefit StarkNet and the blockchain community. My actions as a delegate would be to support true decentralization and transparency, encourage a diverse community of builders and users, and aid the use of StarkNet’s ecosystem for public good.

Conflicts of Interest: None at the moment, I will declare any that arise during delegation.

Requests for Delegators: Feel free to contact me on Discord or Twitter if you have any questions.


ExoMonk - Delegate Profile


Who Am I

Hey everybody, I’m ExoMonk and I’m a developer content creator, builder & highly active in the StarkNet Ecosystem.

I am providing StarkNet related content on twitter and medium. I have gained valuable experience in crafting a wide range of articles on a variety of topics:

  • StarkNet, the ultra scalable ecosystem
  • Cairo Developer Guide Medium
  • BYO Faucet on StarkNet Medium
  • Demystifying Account Abstraction on Zk Rollups & Ethereum: Tech guy PoV

and others.

From conducting thorough research to crafting compelling narratives, I have honed my skills in the art of creating high-quality content.
These contents, I think, not only managed to onboard multiple developers in the StarkNet Ecosystem but also enlight users on what is StarkNet, how to use it and why StarkNet.

I am also builder myself, since January this year. I have been most active as a Cairo evangelist & introducing Cairo to Solidity developers. I am the creator of StarkBoard, which is a Data Analytics Hub on StarkNet having a great impact on the StarkNet Ecosystem : Weekly OnChain recap & providing insightful aggregated on-chain data.
StarkBoard was born within a DAO thought (@joinODA) and is my sole experience in DAO mechanism. joinODA was built to gather resilient people on the web3 ecosystem & creating different poles (research, building, marketing, partnerships, …). I am well knowledgeable about DAO Governance concept and I am aware of the obligations and responsibilities that come with such a role.
I have been able to contribute to open-source python & js starknet repository during my build days.

My position & Governance vision

I have been active in StarkNet related events and attended most of them so I have been and will be able to meet the community to listen to their remarks & needs. I think this is a very important thing to do these days where communication is key to developing an ecosystem. Adding to this, I have a large developer community on twitter and I will be able to trace back worries, asks & requests in this area.

I feel like becoming a Delegate would be a forging experience and I want to get involved. StarkNet is the ecosystem of my heart & one I truly believe in. Delegates should vote for me because I’m a very engaged community member who will do everything in his power to make them feel like they have a voice in the StarkNet Governance process. I emphasize for security, decentralization & growth, but I am really in phase with transparency and data accessibility, so I will be committed to developing these aspects.

Conflicts of Interest

I am currently working at Nethermind (on Blockchain Data & Cloud scaling), but I believe this represents a positive interest.

Requests for Delegators

Send me a message for any further information about anything, heart on you

Thank you very much, I appreciate your time,



Aurelou Application for Delegate


Address: 0x6deE59401f712F572f973854AA58455D8Dd10c0C
Twitter handle: @0xAurelou
Telegram handle: @OxAurelou


I am Aurelou a Smart contract developper among Ethereum and Starknet ecosystem, I have made significant contributions to the ecosystem. My previous role as CTO of Magnety, an asset management protocol on Starknet, and my role as co-founder of Morphine Finance, an undercollaterized loan protocol on Starknet, have given me valuable experience in the field. Additionally, my work on the Flash Loan implementation for Starknet has been highly regarded within the community. I am also known for my Vim script, which has been widely used by other Vim users in the ecosystem. In addition to my work in Starknet, I have also been helping developer and contributor at Only Dust since May. With my technical expertise and passion for blockchain, I am committed to continuing to make valuable contributions to the Starknet community.

Why Choose me in particular

As a developer with more six months of experience in the Starknet ecosystem, I have gained a strong understanding of the technology and the various protocols and platforms that make up this exciting field. One thing that sets me apart is my willingness to speak up and express my opinions, even if they differ from those of the StarkWare team. I believe that healthy debate and diverse perspectives are crucial to driving innovation and finding the best solutions. This willingness to speak my mind, combined with my technical expertise and dedication to continuous learning, make me an asset to any team and I am eager to take on more responsibilities and challenges in the blockchain space

Vision for the Future of the governance

As a member of the community, I believe that governance is a crucial aspect of any decentralized organization. My vision for Fondation governance is one that is transparent, participatory, and inclusive, where all members have the opportunity to have their voices heard and to contribute to the direction of the organization. I believe that effective governance requires strong communication and collaboration, as well as a clear set of rules and processes that are fair and transparent. Additionally, I believe that it is important to have mechanisms in place to resolve disputes and address any challenges that may arise. By fostering a culture of transparency, participation, and inclusivity, I believe that we can create a governance that is truly decentralized and effective in achieving its goals

Potential Conflicts of interest

I am currently working as an intern at FuzzingLabs but I don’t think it will have any impact on the governance.

Additional Information

If you have any type of request don’t hesitate to reach me


I just wanted to express my gratitude to everyone in the ecosystem for their hard work. It’s always a pleasure to attend meetups and StarknetCc events and meet new people in the community. I am truly grateful to be part of this ecosystem with all of you. :heart:

“Keep Starknet Strange”



  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x5D1F35987D9d494DFd1fFccbEe266823cc31863E
  • ENS name: williamols.eth


Hello everyone, I would like to present myself as a humble community member and StarkNet user. I have a compassionate viewpoint with the goal of bettering spaces, standing as, with, and for artists in a sustainable way, evolving and being at the forefront of technology, art, and music.

Delegates provide a critical role in maintaining a healthy governance system/process. I’d like to actively contribute and support StarkNet governance in any way that I can. Seeing how passionate and committed the StarkNet community is toward bettering the governance process, proposing new ideas, and providing feedback on critical topics has been inspiring. I’d like to join the ranks and become a part of the StarkNet crew that pushes the whole ecosystem to get better / grow.

As of my skills I am into smart contract & full-stack development, web3 content creation and curation, blockchain course instruction and consulting.

Delegators can expect from me responsive, thoughtful, and make decisions on first principles based on my best judgement on what’s best for StarkNet and its community.

Currently, I don’t have any conflicts of interests.

If you would like to know any additional information you are certainly welcome to DM me.


Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x2ba8f4AA4050498e27E2B7187458ba5215b8b13F
StarkNet address: 0x04e9d203002de0e4409faf0c2ab050f8bf24f9d0ca4db1e1603ddaf4d9cf1407
Twitter handle: @ipblat

Hello, dear developers and forum participants!
My name is Igor. I am a creative member of the BlackAmberTeam (BAT). Our team has been tracking early stage projects for more than 3 years, testing them and engaging the community to test and promote the product.
At the beginning of our journey, our team’s participation in Starknet was limited to the installation of Starknet test nodes. And for a year now, we’ve been tirelessly updating and keeping it up to date. In addition, BAT members started and still do exciting product testing of the ecosystem. It is very exciting, as my patience for getting a level 8 b role OG Starknet ID has been tested.
In fact, it should have been, because Starknet has gotten faster. And now I can no longer dine until my transaction gets “complete”.

Potential conflicts of interest:
If my cat doesn’t bother me I won’t have any conflicts of interest. He can be insufferable at times. But I promise I will let the team know if my cat moves in with my aunt.

Requests for Delegates:
Don’t be embarrassed. Always your servant, Igor | BlackAmberTeam.



  • Ethereum mainnet address: 0xF835024e4a77728efd3e3289e9bE25AE1DF924d7
  • StarkNet address: 0x0452F10D5A8a9b0bcD0D9f66AB4f2c0950207B3837caBc978D0261ac318b0aD4
  • Twitter handle: @VitaliyZdes
  • Discord handle: Nelev#9493

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate: I have considerable experience on DAO governance, being an active delegate in 2 of the biggest DAOs (gitcoin and Optimism) and I want to use that to help the Collective towards its goals of proving that public goods can be profitable and something more people should work on. Not everyone needs to work on a VC-funded for-profit soul-crashing startup that gives nothing back to the world.

My view: In short I dig it. The main thing that pushed me to get actively involved in Gitcoin DAO was the goal of funding public goods. Only for my specific case public goods is the much more specific and hard case of opensource software. The idea of finding ways to make opensource software sustainable by providing incentives to those who build them is something that excites me and fills me with purpose.

**My Skills and areas of expertise: ** Defi, Solidity, web3 React, DAO governance / diplomacy.



  • Ethereum mainnet address: 0xB00218433AE089e91CEB0f093c9D1dE03f02f98d
  • ENS name: jora133.eth
  • StarkNet address: 0x02A7aBb855Ec01049493D9c3dC2C2E862eA5732f0c5078e046530DBB644d08c9


My reasons for wanting to be a delegate: I look for ways that my social & community building skills can best serve the growth and decentralization of the Ethereum ecosystem. My passion is stewarding the beacon chain and the communities that rely on the web3 services provided by the Ethereum chain. I see StarkNet as a valuable scaling solution that supports the L2 scaling model for Ethereum, and I want to do my part to educate others and help people choose tools that are most consistent with our shared values.

Experience in DAO governance: I am an active Snapshot user, where I participate in governance for bunch of project while staking their tokens.

My web3 qualifications / skills: I’ve been involved with Ethereum since the public release of the whitepaper in 2014, I was a participant in the original Ethereum token sale, and I participated as a testnet miner on the Ethereum Olympic testnet. Since then I’ve tried every product I can get my hands on as I’ve honed my awareness for the things that matter, things like providing services as public goods that give far more to the community than they take as rewards. I am active on Reddit, Twitter, and Discord. As a self-described Ethereum-centrist, I do believe that Ethereum will be the settlement chain for the future of web3 and the StarkNet as a part of it.

What voters can expect of me: You can expect me to learn everything I can about StarkNet and share that knowledge with the rest of the ecosystem. If StarkNet continues to align with my beliefs regarding healthy ecosystem and ethos, I’ll continue to strengthen the relationship. If I feel that the community or leadership has lost its way I’ll work in good faith to help correct the course. I work hard to put my own ego in check and listen to the needs of others and do my best to draw attention and serve those needs.

Potential conflicts of interest: Don’t think I have any of those

For Delegators: For any questions you can reach me out, I always check my DM’s


ETH address: 0x37FE038A881FF687CdDe312BBf2B47F63e57F667
StarkNet address: 0x067FfA6706E6F8F7710869A8e0810D73DC2CC44105aB97bA4cE32b826177343F
Discord: Maris#1698
Twitter @Maris68474577

Hello! Regards from Baltic’s! I am tester on various blockchains and different projects. I am sure StarkNet is the most promising effort to make Ethereum secure and scalable computing platform. Very excited to be among voters. I wish to be more active and develop my skills also in you project.