Delegate Expectations

The Foundation has developed a suggested framework for how Delegates should engage with StarkNet governance. This document will help potential Delegates gauge the associated responsibilities with becoming a delegate; as well as give Delegators a framework to analyze the performance of individuals they delegate to.

Delegation is permissionless and peer-to-peer, therefore Delegate actions will not be regulated on a protocol wide-basis, but rather relies on Delegators/token-holders making individual judgements about the performance and actions of Delegates.


Delegates should be aware of matters occurring in Starknet Governance. Delegates are expected to engage in discussions with the community, answer questions, and vote on proposals for as long as they are active delegates.


Delegates are expected to remain knowledgeable regarding initiatives in the StarkNet ecosystem. Delegates are expected to have a working knowledge of StarkNet.

Good Faith Actors

Delegates should review StarkNet proposals for their benefit to the entire ecosystem. They shall act in good faith and in the best interest of the StarkNet ecosystem.

Conflicts of Interest

Delegates should take the necessary steps to avoid conflicts of interest. Delegates shall disclose any compensation related to their delegation or participation in StarkNet Governance.If there is a conflict of interest, delegates are expected to disclose it in their delegate profile. Delegates should abstain from votes if they believe a conflict will affect their ability to vote fairly.


Delegates are encouraged to communicate the rationale behind their votes in a clear and accessible way. It is critical delegates publicizing their opinions via the StarkNet Forum or other platforms, in order to give token-holders sanity over how their delegation is being used.

End of Delegation

Delegates should communicate via this thread if they wish to stop participating in StarkNet governance. This must be done in advance to allow token holders to re-delegate before participation comes to an end.

StarkNet’s decentralization is an unprecedented undertaking. As we hand over control to the community- we are aware that we aren’t the only ones writing the rules anymore. We can only provide the community with the tools and some words of advice before sending them off into the wilderness. As with any permissionless protocol- we cannot control, nor do we wish to control- how the community engages with these tools such as delegation. We have faith the StarkNet community will hold Delegates to high standards and build a system of accountability that keeps StarkNet strange.