[DRAFT] [Airdrop: Proposal] Ethereum Validators

Just remember, the purpose of airdrop is to increase user promotion projects, not to limit development.


I hope that future airdrops can take care of all supporters in the community as much as possible

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Thats 100% true. quite strong motivation, but at the same time you have to think about what to do with bot farmers…

There’s good threads on sybil attacks "Arbitrum Airdrop Sybil Loophole": Proposed Measures to Address the Issue for the StarkNet Project - #12 by FutureCollective

For this proposal, the great thing about beacon chain depositors, this cannot be ‘bot farmed’ as you need to commit capital that is locked (especially pre-merge when un-bonding timeline was uncertain) and backed by running node operations, or suffer inactivity leak/loss of said capital.

There will likely be edge cases of one individual with multiple deposit addresses, however as this type of distribution has never been done before, there’s no incentive to game it.

This may change if/when done, similar to Uniswap, which opened the flood gates for ‘address mining’ which was never a problem before Uniswap, as nobody was trying to game airdrops.

I think this is not bad idea, but it should be considered carefully. Many Exchanges and institutions are validators and I don’t think they should receive Airdrop.

I just hate ETH the gas fees are insance, but the blockchain works