Retrodrop proposal (my vision)

Hello everyone!
I want to offer my own version of the airdrop (retrodrop) criteria for Starknet Ecosystem users. The popular L2 blockchain Optimism had 6 criteria for an Airdrop 1. The idea of using multiplier bonuses was great. In the current realities of high user involvement, most of which use Sybil accounts, in my opinion, more criteria can be made. :point_down:

  1. StarkGate bridge user: 1 or more bridge transactions from Ethereum to Starknet.

  2. Starknet Ecosystem user: at least 20 transactions or the total network fees at least $10. Having a total balance of at least $50 on the wallet at the time of the snapshot.

  3. Starknet ID: owner of the Starknet ID with the domain (subdomain) .stark.

  4. Starknet NFT: owner of at least 1 NFT in the Starknet network.

  5. StarkEx token holder: tokens holders, including staking, of projects using the StarkEx solution, such as Immutable (IMX), dYdX, (DVF) and others.

  6. Gitcoin donors: Gitcoin donors to projects from the Starknet ecosystem.

  7. Starknet forum member: registered users of the Starknet forum.

  8. Starknet discord member: registered users of the Starknet discord.

Also, I consider it appropriate to use the grant system for projects from the Starknet ecosystem. Projects will be able to additionally reward users with STARK tokens for using their product, which will attract more users and increase TVL on the Starknet network.
I understand that counting all criteria and using multiplier bonuses can be technically difficult to implement. But this is just my vision and my opinion. :thinking:
Write your opinion in the comments. I will be grateful for feedback.


I agree with you, can we also do Gitcoin donors?


I want to know what are you doing with your 20 transaction records before there are a few perfect application products in the current Starknet ecosystem? Interact for airdrop? ? ?

Secondly, I don’t agree with your $50 balance. For example, I started using the starknet ecology in March last year. During this period, I experienced a lot of NFTs, transactions, etc., but my balance may only be 20 US dollars, and the rest are all NFTs. It is obvious that I have paid enough funds. How do you judge?


Now it’s possible. But it might be better to wait for the next round on Gitcoin.


Because there are still very few starknet ecological projects, it is not suitable to discuss airdrops. Don’t forget that the biggest logic of airdrops is to let more people experience starknet ecological projects through advertising benefits to help the development of starknet…


I will answer in order:

  1. I think that anyone who actually used Starknet made at least 20 transactions. For example, I added liquidity to Myswap, Jediswap, 10kswap, bought NFTs, made swaps, used a bridge.

  2. As for the $50 balance, this is just my personal opinion, as many sybil accounts make a lot of transactions to receive an airdrop, and then withdraw all the funds from the network. $50 is about 0.032ETH at the current exchange rate. Considering that the current fees for adding liquidity, for example, can reach $1 or more, in my opinion, with such a balance, it is quite comfortable to continue using the Starknet ecosystem. If your opinion is that $20 will be enough - then it’s good, my opinion is different.


I believe in drawing more people to the statknet protocol and not chase em away with rigorous criteria; just because OP used such doesn’t necessarily mean statknet should adopt thus, how far has that gotten OP? Nowhere if you ask me comparing em to Aptos airdrop where more people smiled…


Look at TVL on the Optimism network, see what projects are using it, look at the partnership with Coinbase in the launch of the new L2 solution BASE. Their strategy is producing excellent results in the current market.


The Starknet team published tokenomics a long time ago. So I don’t see anything wrong with discussing this.


First of all, it should be clear what the purpose of the airdrop is. In my opinion, apart from thanking the old users (including developers on the Early Bird platform, ordinary users, and members who have contributed to the community), the airdrop also has the purpose of attracting new users. New users include future users of the platform and other active members of the community. The airdrop should be as broad as possible, rather than trying to narrow it down.
The DEX exchange has no depth, is it realistic to ask users to use it frequently and many times? The official bridge is the most used product by users, but the official bridge is currently only a test, there are certain risks.
In my opinion, it should not be ruled out except for airdrop hunters with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of wallets. Nowadays it is considered normal for a user to have multiple wallets on eth network. Who would use one wallet regularly? There is a risk of theft when funds are kept in one wallet. At least I wouldn’t. Because there are managers who have had their wallets stolen. So I have many ethernet wallets.
My point as always: officials should learn from the experience of communities that have had successful airdrops. Be tolerant, be tolerant, be tolerant.


Your proposed criteria for the retrodrop seem reasonable and diverse, which could encourage participation from a wide range of users within the Starknet ecosystem. It’s good to see that you have included different categories such as bridge users, NFT owners, and Gitcoin donors.

However, it is important to note that the implementation of such criteria might pose technical difficulties, as you mentioned. Therefore, it would be advisable to consult with the Starknet community and developers to assess the feasibility of your proposal.

Regarding the grant system for projects, it’s an interesting idea to incentivize users to use the product and increase TVL on the network. It could potentially attract more developers to build on the Starknet ecosystem, leading to more innovative and useful applications. However, it is essential to establish clear guidelines and criteria for distributing grants to ensure transparency and fairness.

Overall, your proposal is a good starting point for discussion and could potentially help to create a more vibrant and active community within the Starknet ecosystem.


As you rightly point out, my proposal is a starting point. Perhaps there is something else that will appear in the future, but we will see this as the project develops.


I have a similar vision for the future drop. Wrote a post here Airdrop proposal - #23 by Galaanto
The main thing is that future initiatives are not just for whales with millions of dollars that they can throw in to increase TVL.

Maybe IMX stakers have more than 500 or 1000 coins on the Immutable platform

It is a good idea. The main problem is that there are a lot of sybils who donated $2 from hundreds accounts. Gitcoin passport could be the solution of that


I agree with having a Gittoin passport. I’ll edit my post. I will also add a link to your post.
I have read your post. Also, I think it makes sense to add Snapshot voters. I want to write that in the Ethereum and L2 networks.


Can we make this creteria more user-friendly? for example, if the user has 10 transacations, then the airdrop amout is Al; if 5 transactions, the amount is B.


For this creteria, I think we should polish it to exclude the users who made 20 transactions in just one day to hunt the airdrop.


I hope Starknet can have more campaigns in regards to OAT or POAP, so more people can join in, and those OAT or POAP holders can also be included in the airdrop.


You tried, but I think this particular proposal covers it as it should be


I am not quite sure why bridging from mainnet to Starknet be considered as number 1, as we have different options to bridge to Starknet.


Snapshot votes added in gitcoin passport.