Starknet ecosystem Dashboard/Metrics

Aloha to all Starkians :wave:

I know that all of you were looking for a great dashboard where u can track Starknet ecosystem activity, including multiple ecosystem metrics + track your own wallet at the same time.

So, I have great news for you then.

Here’s the DASHBOARD you need! :saluting_face:

@SPONGKY, I remember u asked me also. :heart_hands:

heyy much appreciated yichaun :point_right: :point_left:, this will do a lot, any way to make our folks aware this

This dashboard is really cool @YiChuan . Would it be possible to add TVL locked in Starknet protocols?

Hey mate, glad u enjoyed that.
Hope TVL will be added as well later.

Hey mate, hehe, u read my name:) It’s YiChuan actually, but u deciphered it.
Yeah, this dashboard is a decent stuff. Very useful. :muscle:

Awesome. That is great news. Thank you for building this :slight_smile:

this is dune dashboard, correct?

Hey mate, nope.
This isn’t dune