First vote (Starknet Alpha v0.11.0) - Recap, Conclusions, and Changes

Vote recap

On March 20, after a voting period of six days, during which the proposed version was tested on Goerli, Starknet Alpha v0.11.0 received broad support from the community. On March 21, Starknet was successfully upgraded at the end of the a freezing period of one day.

Here are the stats:

  • Total voting power: 5 billion tokens
  • Voting participation rate: 32% (1.6 billion out of 5 billion tokens)
  • Delegates participation (out of the total number of delegates with voting power): 80%
  • Outcome: Starknet Alpha approved to be upgraded to v0.11.0

Community feedback

During and after the first governance vote, we collected feedback from the community in order to improve the voting process. We’d like to thank the community for all feedback provided.

Alongside the feedback from various community members, the Builders Council provided a serious and in-depth report that included constructive feedback and improvement suggestions for future votes. We found this feedback to be reflective of wider community sentiment and hope to address the concerns in this forum post.

Key lessons for next votes

  1. Starknet Alpha upgraded to v0.11.0 was a relatively complex and β€œheavy” version and the usual time frames did not match the level of complexity and changes it contained to be properly considered by the community.

Towards the proposal of a new version, the following parameters should be considered according to the version specific characteristics (e.g. level of complexity, changes required among the various tools, etc.)

  1. Integration period - The amount of time for a stable version on integration
  2. Testnet period - The amount of time for a stable version on a public testnet, before the vote start
  3. Voting period - The vote duration
  4. Freezing period - the amount of time between the vote conclusion and applying the decision on Mainnet

Before opening a vote, we must ensure that all the relevant documentation and developer tools are ready to support the new version on Testnet and the ability of the ecosystem to check it.

We call on the Starknet community to be involved in discussions about the appropriate time period before each release. For the upcoming Starknet Alpha v0.12.0, we have outlined a suggested timeline based on an analysis of the mentioned considerations.

We would appreciate any feedback on these key lessons in this thread. As well as any additional comments about the Starknet governance processes.

Looking forward to the upcoming Starknet Alpha v0.12.0, this post describes the details for its vote occurring this month (June).

Best regards,


Starknet Governance Committee