Reasonable points to jump into Starknet

Explain your point of view why Starknet will be the winner of that challange in De-Fi-building a leading decentralized finance and utilized ecosystem-?
Will it be fast, utilized, cheap, secure, generous in incentivise and if it is how will all those things happen? :herb:

Obviously, Starkenet is one of the most eye-catching projects in Ethereum’s 2-layer network expansion solution. Compared with Optimistic Rollup, ZK’s technical solution is more worth looking forward to, but the problem is that ZK’s technology is more difficult , the development cycle is long and the construction of the project’s ecosystem is relatively slow. Besides Aribtrum and Opitmism have got many users in many ways, and TVL is also growing well. I think Starknet should spend a certain amount of energy on project promotion and interaction with users, maintain contact with potential users, and show them expectations, especially Zksync has also taken some actions recently.

Op and arb=> optimistic roll ups
Zksync=> zero knowledge
What exactly starknet use? Is it easier to build when compared to zk or more useful when compared to optimistic roll ups??

From my poin of view and personal experience, navigating this chains has to be the smoothest experience on any L2 network. Additionally, team is super professional, community is thriving and the tech is speaking for itself. Starknet is a safe bet in the zk sector.