Rhino.fi bridge launch on Starknet - feedback

hi all!

I just wanted to say how excited I am that rhino has fully joined the Starknet family with the launch of the super-fast rhino bridge on Starknet last week.

For those who don’t know the full history, rhino (FKA DeversiFi) has been working with Starkware since 2019 and deployed the first instance of Starkex in 2020, which is still the core of the rhino platform today. We have been building ever since and have been working behind the scenes on our first Starknet product for the past several months.

Since the launch last week the rhino Starknet bridge is averaging about 2000 users per day, and we would love to hear your feedback to make it even better. Please do drop any feedback into this thread or via the rhino Discord

I am looking forward to deploying more rhino product on Starknet in the future

Hey, Ross, rhino works great.
The drop down menu for rhino crosslink bridges shows the total funds available, it would be great if the crosslinkable funds could be shown separately

Welcome to the Starknet ecosystem, I use your products regularly great!

Yes this bridge working great but aI had issues in my last three transactions. My money was sent to different destination so I can’t get it back but the strange thing the transactions are logged in Zksync explorer but not in Rhinofi bridge transactions history I am very upset…

I am sorry to hear that. Please make sure to raise a support ticket with customer support team (bottom right hand corner of the rhino web app) so that the team can investigate further

Sure thank you for you help sir

Hey, @Ross
The bridge is working great.
Pleasant to use, no unnecessary noise. :ok_hand:

There is no limit to perfection, but I ask you to take care of the same smooth work in the future, when 2k turns into 2k/hour.

welcome to starknet ecosystem , i have used the rhinofi , its really fast and cheap

Thank you for your kind words!

are you planning to deploy app chain on starknet

Hello! The bridge works great! But it would be great to add swap to starknet on rihno.

Congrats on a successful launch. I just tried bridging from Mainnet to Starknet and it’s really easy and intuitive. Well done!

compared to other bridge its cheaper… new blockchain launch time it offer NO Bridge fees… :grinning:

hi Ross,
Thanks for your info, I have used Rhino bridge and realised it helps me save ton of bridging fee. Sometimes Rhino runs no bridging fee events that only cost gas fee to bridge. Downsides, the bridging procedure includes many steps, I found it was complicated at the first use. Overalls, it is one of my choice.
Have you try Owlto bridge, I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts when using Owlto bridge.

I want to know when I use the cross-chain function, my tokens are sent to another wallet. Then, does a wallet on StarkNet send me tokens?