StarkNet Monthly Update- April, May

Much exciting stuff has happened since my last update; one that is especially worth mentioning is seeing many of you on the STARKATHON in Amsterdam in April (!!!). Crazy event.

Before starting with the regular versions’ update - I want to introduce the new boy in town. We released a new documentation site. Better looking, constantly updating, and open for all of you to comment and contribute. Have you ever wondered how the contract address is calculated? How the state of StarkNet look like? I know I did.
We plan to merge “Hello StarkNet” tutorials to this new documentation soon, as currently, the situation is quite confusing, and it’s not clear where to find the information.

Versions - past and future

v0.8.0 seems like ages ago. Introduced the Fee mechanism and the framework to use it. v0.8.1 made the fee estimation more accurate and took more factors into account. v0.8.2 fixed a bug that was introduced in v0.8.1 and improved the response time of get_block and get_state_update APIs. The latter allowed full nodes to start syncing to the Goerli testnet.

v0.9.0 was released this week on Goerli. It introduced the notion of contract classes, allowing support for contract factories and charging fee for contract deployment. This version also enforced the fee payment, which was optional up until now.

v0.9.1 is planned for the end of June and will include the first version of parallelized transactions execution in the sequencer.

v0.10.0 is planned for the end of July and will include the changes to the account contracts described here.


Released on Mainnet last month, with great responses as seen by this “dog meter.” Nevertheless, we are still imposing limitations on TVL and are lifting them gradually to help us manage risks.

v1.5.0 of the bridge was released last week and included the addition of DAI and integration with Layerswap.

The plan is to increase the limitations (TVL and the max amount per deposit) and add more tokens.

If you’re building on StarkNet and can’t bridge enough Eth to pay transaction fees due to these limitations, please let us know by filling out this form.

Last note - we are working hard (together with all the StarkNet Ecosystem) to improve and expand the developers’ tooling of StarkNet. To that end, we are collecting feedback on existing tools and missing tools - I would appreciate it greatly if you could take a few minutes and fill out this form.


Fixed! thank you kind ser :slight_smile:

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