RociFi: On-chain credit scores for capital efficient lending Starknet

Author: RociFi

Submission date: June 21, 2023


Temperature check for deploying to Starknet based upon user demand for on-chain credit scores that enable higher loan-to-value ratio loan terms (with the possibility for under-collateralized credit lines in the future).

About RociFi

RociFi is a DeFi protocol enabling highly capital efficient lending markets via on-chain credit scores powered by machine learning.

To-date, RociFi has served 811,952 credit scores via our API, issued 38,200 soulbound credit credential NFTs, and facilitated 5445 capital efficient loans (1600 under-collateralized) with an average 6% APY real yield offered to depositors with 98,8% repayment rate.

RociFi lending protocol is live on Polygon and zkSync with plans to deploy to others by year-end 2023. We’re particularly interested in chains that have unique value propositions, e.g. Giza and zkML that can benefit from our core competencies of on-chain credit scores and capital efficient credit lines ; plus enable our vision of decentralizing our ML credit model into a community owned good, outputs privately verified, and governed by the token.

For reference: Scores are calculated using on-chain transactional and DeFi protocols usage data across most popular EVM-compatible chains.

Deep Dive into RociFi Scoring Semantics, with examples of how various addresses are scored:


DeFi is lacking real-world credit applications because of insufficient capital efficiency, i.e. over-collateralization. RociFi is building the foundation to solve this issue by creating on-chain credit scores derived entirely from a user or institutions blockchain transaction history. Furthermore, with the rise of AI, there is an opportunity for us to be at the forefront of AI x Blockchain with creation of a truly open ML credit model that publicly verifiable via zkProofs and owned by the community.

However, given we’re newcomers to the Starknet ecosystem, the last thing we want to do is build something there is no demand for. So, please voice your preference for either (1) on-chain credit scores (2) capital efficient lending markets coming to Starknet.

Key terms

Credit scores: numerical scores representing a user’s (wallet address) creditworthiness and trustworthiness based upon their on-chain transaction history. The scale is 1 to 10 with 1 being the lowest risk (best score) and 10 being the highest risk (worst score). The scores are calculated looking at numerous DeFi protocols across 9 blockchains.


We are open to feedback or questions regarding the temp check, so please comment! Thanks!