Round #1 of Early Adopter Grant : The rugpull of Mystis Game

Users have recently raised concerns over the high number of project selected during the Round #1 of Early Adopter Grant in May 2023, that have been inactive since then: Analysis of "Announcing Round #1 of Early Adopter Grants (EAG)" Results and Concerns for Upcoming Grants - #3 by GreedMcduck

I would like to provide additionaldata on one of them: Mystis Game.

The last tweet from the project was 10 months ago, it was the announcement that their project was eligible to the grant. Since that moment, no more update was ever given : it seems like the main goal of the project was to get a grant.

There’ve been multiple reference to a testnet, said to be “almost finished” 11 months ago. The testnet is nowhere to be seen 11 months later, the development has most probably ended after the grant was acquired.

Let’s dig deeper, one of the founders of the project is Draka :

His past projects consist of Toki Bot, a telegram bot that raised funds as seed and rugpulled 6 days after its launch when team decided to stop the development and tweeting altogether, just like Mystis Game :

Here is the chart:

He also was part of Instinct Tool, an EVM bot that was also deserted :

There’s also The Village, a R2E project on Arbitrum whom he promised a V2 for, only to remove all liquidity few weeks later and abandon it as usual.

It seems clear that the project only goal is to collect a grant, since it’s been abandoned since the results of the EAG & its team habit of rugpull/giving up on projects.

Dear Pouty,

I appreciate the opportunity to address the concerns you’ve raised about our Mystis Game project and other associated matters. It is vital to correct several inaccuracies and misinterpretations to ensure a clear understanding of our intentions and actions.

First and foremost, it’s essential to clarify that I am not familiar with Toki, Village or whatever as you have described. My involvement in any projects outside of Mystis Game has been characterized by a commitment to innovation and integrity, and any suggestion to the contrary is misinformed.

Regarding the financial commitment to Mystis Game, my colleague and I have personally invested over $10,000 into the development of the game. This significant investment underscores our belief in the project’s potential and our dedication to its success. It is also important to note that our ability to further fund the project is currently limited. We have reached the extent of our financial capability in this regard, which necessitates a careful and strategic approach to resource allocation moving forward.

The grant you mentioned is indeed vested and does not provide immediate financial liquidity. This structure is designed to support long-term development and ensure that funding is aligned with the project’s progress and milestones. As such, any claims of a “rugpull” are not only unfounded but also misleading. Such assertions misrepresent the nature of the grant and our ethical commitment to the project and its community.

Additionally, it’s critical to highlight that we have never collected funds from anyone for Mystis Game. The only mint that occurred was a FREE mint, ensuring we never exploited anyone’s trust nor requested a single penny from any user. This approach reflects our principle of integrity and our commitment to developing a project that values and respects its community.

The decision to put Mystis Game on hold is a reflection of financial constraints, not a lack of interest or dedication. We are in a challenging phase, as are many projects in this space, and we must make prudent decisions to safeguard the project’s future. The implication that we have abandoned our responsibilities or intentions is incorrect.

Furthermore, I have reason to believe I know the individual behind this post.
It’s disheartening to see such efforts spent on unfounded accusations rather than constructive engagement. I want to make it clear that while we are committed to open and honest dialogue, we will not hesitate to seek legal recourse if these baseless allegations continue. Our aim is to resolve differences and misunderstandings amicably, but we are prepared to protect our integrity and the project’s reputation against malicious attacks.

In closing, I urge us to foster a community based on mutual respect, constructive feedback, and accurate information. Unfounded accusations serve only to divide and hinder progress. I am open to dialogue and am more than willing to address any concerns directly and transparently.



How do you expect me to believe your good intentions when your very second sentence is a lie?

You’ve been part of many projects, including but not only those that I cited:

The same goes for the Tokibot rugpull and many others, for example the grift Wind Finance:

And that’s only the projects I’ve been able to link to you, how many others ? You seem to quite accustomed to that type of thing:

You describe yourself as extremely committed to the project, but a 1-minute long browsing of the socials of your project shows otherwise. I’m no expert, but I doubt it costs any development money to keep tweeting, to keep the project alive, to keep posting in discord (last announcement was 10 months ago), to be active. Even delivering the testnet shouldn’t, as you said it was finished 10 months ago and promised to deliver it soon. Or was it just another lie?

You have a clear history of walking away from projects, a pattern you applied to Mystis Game once again. You’ve posted a quite long answer, but managed to avoid all of the facts I’ve raised. How is it, that from the very moment you’ve been acquired that grant, the project have been left to rot, socials-wise and development-wise also it seems. A timing so fortuitous, it seems like it was planned all along, in a “once we get the grant we’re out” kind of way.

Not even a single tweet, not even a single announcement. The only work that you have to show since that day are the empty promises & lies given on discord once every 3 months :

You closing appears to be a clever way to discredit my research by making it look all of that like a personnal vendetta aimed at you, which it isn’t : you don’t know me in any way, and I don’t know you in any other way than I’ve been able to link some of your rugs & grifts back to you.

Lastly, the fact that you’ve changed your Twitter handle after seeing that post, so the provided link leads to a “User Not Found” (link that I now edited) appears pretty groundless, so please do notice that I’ve gladly given you the benefit of the doubt.

Have a nice week.