Community feedback on the Early Community Member Program (ECMP)

This thread is for any questions or feedback on the Early Community Members Program.

Very good initiative! I will always support you guys. Keep building and contributing!

Great initiative. Thanks to starknet foundation.

Hopefully, this will also include the community members who are actively involved in starknet official discord server helping community members with their issues/inquires and involving with meaningful discussion with community members. Already applied. Hoping for the best. Thank you

Is there a possibility that the form will be closed before the specified date or can it be said to be FCFS or not?

Erc20 wallet or starknet L2wallet

  1. Will KYC be provided for participants?
  2. What is the attribution procedure, how will it happen?
  3. Is it possible to apply with content published after this program announcement for early community members?

How starknet will calculate work from contributors ?

Hi friends! Amazing initiative!
If someone has contributed (not as a team member or dev related, but support + feedback etc.) on another protocol building on Starknet, would that also be a contribution to include? Cheers.

hey, what wallet address to put in the form? starknet one or etherum one?

congrats team…i submitted my ECMP form…i will support you guys…keep going on…keep rocking

Do you have a more detailed plan? At present, it seems somewhat general

I believe the most secure blockchain is starknet,As a user who has been following for two years, I very much support the community and have been participating in various ecological tests.Wish starknet better and better.

How this ecmp will be helpful for us ?

“Individuals who regularly published Starknet branded content”
I wonder if it is possible for an individual who is not an influencer.

While this is a great way, are the early participants who aren’t involved in any discussions but did contribute to starknet ecosystem by actively using it, included?

Starknet is one of the potential chains and this program helps the existing community become stronger!

Bro it says Starknet address, so it’s gotta be a Starknet address.
Though you get it confirmed from official sources but I’m pretty sure it’s not an eth addy but a Starknet one.

Is the articles on Twitter calculated?

Shouldn’t it be up to the project party to identify whether there is any contribution? There is a certain standard. If you apply like this, isn’t it just a rat’s nest?

What I want to say is, shouldn’t it be up to the project side to determine whether users have contributed to the project? If users are allowed to apply by themselves, what are your standards? Will there be many insider players in this operation? I am incredible at how the project team operates