StarkNet Builders’ Council - Mission Statement

Hi, is the number of consuls limited? I mean, will there be new members in the future? Will they be chosen by the StarkNet Foundation or will there be an opportunity to nominate candidates from the community? :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re correct, the current mandate for the Builder’s Council only applies for the First Phase of governance. Compensation isn’t finalized just yet.


Anyone can apply to become a StarkNet delegate! More information here.

  • StarkNet’s Governance mechanism implements Delegation of voting power
  • Delegation enables a system in which where token-holders who take economic stake in the network, elect Delegates who take social stake in the community
  • All are welcome to receive delegation and participate in governance as a StarkNet Delegate: to signal your willingness to receive delegation, please post your delegate profile on the linked Delegate profile thread
  • Token-holders are encouraged to select a delegate from the Delegate profile thread to delegate to if they do not plan to vote themselves
  • Information about delegate responsibilities can be viewed on the Delegate expectations post

About the number of members in the council: we tried to keep it low enough so it’s actually manageable. Someone has to herd those cats, and that’s me :sweat_smile:


I like the Geographical diversity and the talent of the Council members. I would love to see a few CEO’s of Traditional Web2 companies in future in this Council so that we can learn how best to onboard web2 companies into this space. Real world utility will be a key success factor. Polygon Team has taken the lead but there is a lot more space to capture for other L2s & L3s


Would there be interest in opening up 3 more spots to the council? There seems to be a decent amount of interest, including us, in running. 20 total members would not only just look more “appealing” it would give some community members a vote into a very important process, and also provide some more transparency to the whole process, as these 17 pre chosen members seem to be very qualified, but the selection process was a bit invisible.


Council members hold no additional governance rights than other Delegates. Applying as a delegate here is the best way for community members to contribute to governance as of now.

From my understanding the Builder’s Council 6-month charter is meant to:

  • Grant voting power to a distributed set of StarkNet application developers to ensure their input is considered in network upgrades
  • Discover a relationship between a Voting Council and the DAO

We’ve had consideration about how the Builder’s Council will look like after this charter: potentially some forced cycling of members through ranked voting, potentially dissolving the council entirely if the delegate role fills our needs. These 6-months are meant to be a pilot for us to test this interaction to best understand how we can open up participation and expand responsibilities.

As for the selection process- there may have been just as many people debating who should be on the builder’s council as there are people on the builders council. If you check out this list, it’s pretty considerate of many different actors in StarkNet. Not perfect, but approaching representative. I think @s0lness is confident in the group.

Just as the builders council, we expect the role of delegates to evolve as well. One note is that more voting power will be available for delegation as more of the Foundation’s token allocation is distributed. There will be a calculated introduction of tooling following major decentralization events to ensure Delegate’s are able to receive significant voting power based on their good faith contributions to StarkNet governance.


Do you think its safe to delegate to someone ?
Could they still some tokens or it working only for voting power activities ?


It is safe to delegate. The StarkNet Token contract implements standard delegate and delegateBySig functions from the Compound delegation module. These functions are standard and do not transfer tokens, they only delegate the voting power.


Who are able to make proposals? What will happen when community rejects council’s proposals?


it is totally true, if you want someone represents your interests you are able to delegate him/her your tokens. If you trust the delegated person, you can do it without any doubt


will be sessions of the Builder Council public or private?


I dont get how to participate in governance
It is neede to hold The StarkNet token, but it is not distributed yet, so as i understand, token distribution will be firstly and after that we can participate in governance module


As explained in the Medium post, only the Foundation itself is able to propose topics for now. These topics, during the First Phase of Governance will only be about protocol upgrades.

Should the community decide not to go forward with a protocol upgrade, it will not be implemented on StarkNet Mainnet.


We’ll hold meetings, record them, post them here and on the dedicated Github repo. Finishing out the final details soon.


Delegates, token holders and members of the Builder’s Council can participate in governance at the moment. When the StarkNet network decentralizes its consensus the StarkNet token will flow and anyone will be able to get tokens and vote.


Good job Starknet, good luck team and devs


The article says that the first vote will take place in the coming weeks. Is there a more exact date yet? :face_with_peeking_eye:


Is it online governance or offline governance?


I think this is what you are looking for ser:


Governance is based on voting using the StarkNet token. Voting is done “Off-chain signal vote (Via Snapshot)”.
Source: StarkNet’s Governance First Phase | by StarkNet | Starknet Foundation | Dec, 2022 | Medium