Starknet's builder council - Description & up to date list of members


The Starknet Builders’ Council was established on December 5th, 2022, as an integral component of the 1st Phase of Starknet Governance. It is an assembly of Starknet builders deeply committed to making well-informed technical decisions that will support and maintain Starknet and its ecosystem.

As of August 29th, 2023, the Builders Council has been entrusted with a voting power delegation amounting to 1.2 billion tokens. This delegation represents a substantial 23.3% of the total voting power within the first Phase of Governance. This allocation underscores the Council’s crucial role in shaping the future direction of the Starknet ecosystem.

Role of the Builders’ Council

The Builders’ Council plays a core role within the Starknet ecosystem and governance mechanisms, characterized by the following key responsibilities:

  • Informed decision-making: The Council conducts comprehensive learning and deliberation processes for each proposed decision. The primary objective is to arrive at well-reasoned and expertly informed decisions that will benefit Starknet.
  • Advocacy for the community: The Council actively engages in discussions and voting processes, representing the interests and perspectives of Starknet community members.
  • Transparency: The Council operates in a transparent manner. It ensures that the Council’s discussions, decisions, and activities are made accessible and comprehensible to the broader community.
  • Alignment with vision and values: The Council ensures that the decisions it makes are fully aligned with Starknet’s vision and core values.

For further information about the Builders’ Council’s role read the Mission Statement, published on December 14th, 2022.

For further information regarding the Code of Conduct, Tooling and Council Curations, please refer to the Practical Aspects of the Builders Council.

Current members of the Builders’ Council

The current confirmed members of the Starknet Builders’ Council comprise 20 members:

Name Project Contact
Sylve Chevet Cofounder at briq and Governance Facilitator at Builder’s Council
Jon Cofounder at Aspect and Starkscan
Chee Chyuan Ang Software Developer and Cofounder at Starknet Malaysia
Jonathan Lei Cofounder and CTO at zkLend
Julien Niset Cofounder at Argent
Ivan Pavicic Engineering Manager at Space Shard
Martin Triay Former Cairo Lead at OpenZeppelin
Mentor Reka Cofounder at AVNU and Community Platform Starknet Ecosystem
Nicolas Bacca Former VP Innovation Lab and Cofounder at Ledger
Orlando Developer at Snapshot
Rohit Goyal Cofounder at JediSwap
Loaf Cofounder at BibliothecaDAO, Realms and Dojo
Marcello Bardus Cofounder & CTO at Herodotus
Chris Lexmond Co-Founder & CEO at Influence
Moody Salem Founder at Ekubo
Benjamin Flores Cofounder at Starknet ID
Clément Walter Cofounder & CTO at Kakarot
Yoav Gaziel Cofounder at Braavos
Mathias Halgreen Cofounder & CTO at Pragma
Ahmet Oznar Cofounder of Pyramid

This list will be updated regularly based on additions and removals to the Builders’ Council.


Safe wallet of the Builder Council: eth:0x5C04Aa0E6896d5039bBeb4EEcAE8526a0A052A77

Starknet Builders’ Council Modus Operandi

Builder Council’s Announcement

Starknet Delegation Onboarding Announcement

Starknet Governance First Phase

Starknet Foundation Mission Statement


  • On November 22, 2023 the governance committee announced that the council was expanding to 20 members.
    • TobbyKitty, GuiltyGyoza, Federica Moletta, Tarrence van As, Motty Lavie and Darlington left the council;
    • Marcello Bardus, Chris Lexmond, Loaf, Yoav Gaziel, Moody Salem, Benjamin Flores, ClĂ©ment Walter, Mathias Halgreen and Ahmet Oznar joined the council;

On December 5, 2022 the Starknet Builders’ Council was established, composed of 17 members which can be found here.

Is there any criteria on how people can join Builder’s Council? I have been building Nostra as CTO(leading dapp on Starknet) for 2+ years. Now working on formal verification of Cairo contracts via z3. Previously had been working in EF core dev team. Isn’t this enough to be part of Builder’s Council?