Starknet ecosystem website

little suggestion that may help some user.
on starknet ecosystem website , dex that are doxxed should have a doxxed label under the dex name, and dex that are not doxxed should have undoxxed label under the dex name.
we have seen in past like arbitrum that a dex rugged their user , so in order to prevent it we should use some kind of methods that may help the starknet users.

any suggestions are welcomed in the comments

Hey Jon

Thank you for your valuable feedback! We understand the importance of detecting and filtering out doxxed DEXes, and we’d appreciate any further insights or suggestions you might have. Our aim is to maintain a neutral and objective approach while working with key players in the ecosystem to make the dashboard as the most transparent as possible.

Any feedback and suggestions are welcome!

i could give more feedback/suggestions

I agree with @jon suggestion. We should do all that can be done to ensure the security of the dex. One good way to do this is to give quarterly reports on what is going on.

The more transparent you are the more confidence that we will have. Also the more transparent you are the easier it is going to be to spot issues before they become problems that threaten the security and profitability of the project. This was to problem that was highlighted in Arbitrum’s first proposal that really wasn’t a proposal but a request to ratify decisions that had already been made.

I agree with you, I will love to interact with more projects under starknet but I need to know real projects, the gas fee also needs to be looked at because it is high

Could you all provide a more detailed explanation of what you mean, along with specific actions that can be taken to improve the situation?

dex that are doxxed should have a label on them of “doxxed” and those which are not doxxed they should have label of “not doxxed”
NFT collections are not doxxed most of the time.
it can be expanded to other projects also beside dex but we will need a further big discussion on it.

On the Internet, the more transparent you are, the greater the confidence of users

there are many scam dex on zksync they do token sale of dex and then they rug .
obviously this could be prevented if dex team are doxxed and starknet ecosystem is a great website which could show user data about dex whether their team is doxxed or not and save user assests.

Agree. Let me circle that idea and come back ASAP here with a solution.

you know flash movie will come in two month
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I agree with you that DEX platforms should implement strict vetting procedures to carefully screen and review projects and tokens listed on the platform. This includes verifying the identities of team members, assessing the credibility and security of the projects, and conducting thorough evaluations.

Another one in agreement with Jon. I was just typing how some of the projects listed in DeFi do not have Twitter accounts. Not sure what can be done. Maybe have some criteria or vetting process to avoid bad actors. Starknet is a brand name and we want to keep it at the highest esteem

That’s a very good idea, and I’m all for your suggestion. I know that many projects doxx each other when they collaborate with each other, so it would be nice to break down the steps of doxx into self doxx, colloberation doxx, etc.

I think project who dox with each other feel sus because there can be some play over there,
its better to get doxxed openly or with a company who specializes in this,
self dox and collaboration dox just feel suspicious .

Pump this. I would like to expand Jon idea to include Doxxed label to all projects not just DeFi. Bad actors and undoxxed projects are two things that killed Aptos and other early blockchain. We don’t want it happen again here especially with DeFi protocols.