Best Starknet ecosystem Dashboard/Metrics

Greetings, Starkians! :wave:

I understand that many of you have been eagerly seeking a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to monitor the activity within the Starknet ecosystem. This includes a range of vital metrics, all while enabling you to keep a close eye on your personal wallet.

Well, I’m thrilled to share some fantastic news with you. Introducing TrustGO DASHBOARD - your one-stop solution!

You will be able to:

  1. Interaction Rank
  2. Volume Rank
  3. Active Rank
  4. Duration Rank
  5. Media Score
  6. Check if you were marked as SYBIL or not
  7. Interactions with all dApps across the Starknet ecosystem

Team that created the dashboard, was officially listed on GitCoin Passport Landing Page, so users who obtained Label “NON-SYBIL” can receive extra points for GitCoin Passport. Which means that this project was verified.

Hello friend
Appreciate for the contributions on making dashboard. I just checked the site. In starknet, everytime argent wallet address is inputted under search button either on single query or batch query, it requests to connect metamask and other wallet. Many users may not be comfortable to connect wallet in the site.

So, is it possible to search only on the basis of wallet address without connecting the wallet. Myself I did not connected the wallet. Kindly, let me know if i am missing something regarding use of it

Hello friend, thank you for bringing this to my attention.

I wanted to inform you that this dashboard was developed by the TrustGo team, which is officially listed on the GitCoin Passport Page. This ensures its credibility and authenticity.

Hello, friend. I am a Youtube and my name is: jiamijiaozhu. I have used your panel function and it is very useful. I have already promoted it to my friends. But the panel cannot reflect the distribution of assets well, such as in which project the LP was formed or where it was pledged, just like Debank. It seems that the Starkne ecosystem does not yet have a very useful asset panel. Will trust go implement this feature in the future?

I didn’t quite get your point.
If you mean about the Dashboard to track your assets on the wallet + LPs + NFTs you collected on the Starknet, then refer to STARKENDEFI please.

The dashboard above just for tracking your activity on the Starknet ecosystem like amount of Transactions, active days/weeks/months etc. Also it can recognize if wallet is Sybil or not.

Also would be grateful if you share your Youtube link.

Thank you for your explanation. I understand now. I have invited about 200 people and received 2000 points, but after inviting more people, the points no longer update. Is this a special setting from your side?

Hey mate,

The problem that @mandip mentioned also exists for me.

That’s the problem so I can’t use dashboard

Good day to you. I’m Glad that it’s all cleared right now :saluting_face:

Aside, about Points part. I want to make clear that I’m not part of the TrustaLabs team, so you can try to contact them Via Twitter or Discord as you prefer :handshake:

Hello friend. Please refer to my message above.