Starknet Emission and Tokenomics Simulator

STRK Emission Simulator

Dear Starknet Community,

In light of the recent buzz surrounding the STRK token launch, we developed a streamlit dashboard designed to enhance your understanding of the tokenomics behind STRK and encourage experimentation with various vesting schedules as some portions of the vesting are still not known.

What is it?

The STRK Emission Simulator is a dashboard built to empower our community of token holders and potential investors. It allows you to interact with and vizualize various emission, staking, and inflation metrics, enabling you to make informed decisions about your involvement with STRK and proposed changes to STRK.


  1. Open-Source Model: Our simulator is built on RadCAD and utilizes the Streamlit library for the user interface. The entire codebase is open-source and available for exploration and contribution on GitHub. We encourage community members to raise issues and contribute through pull requests to continually improve the simulator.

  2. Parameter Scenarios: The simulator enables you to conduct simulations with different parameter scenarios grouped into three categories:

  • Inflation Coefficient
  • Total Supply & TGE Date
  • Staking Parameters
  • Allocation Configuration
  1. Customization: All above mentioned Parameter Scenarios are customizable, making it easy to test out different vesting unlock frequency, staking rate volatility, inflation coefficients, etc.

Why Use it?

By testing various scenarios and validating the results, each member of our community can deepen their understanding of the STRK tokenomics model. Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently propose governance changes and make strategic decisions regarding your involvement with STRK.

Get Involved:

We invite all community members to explore the STRK Emission Simulator, run simulations, propose new KPIs to be tracked, improvements and share your insights with the community.

Best regards,