Starknet Goerli bridge not working properly

An error occurred while using the bridge on the Starknet network, I would like to inform you about it. While I could transfer eth from Goerli eth to starknet without any problem, I could not from starknet. The test tokens I threw are gone, I can report it in the transaction history.

Braavos wallet:0x01253a191f7216a918b6dfd43830c0ea62cbc3e6873ffb423b13db03c9cc9ac1

And metamask:0x9b4758801C029792fc2A8dD37bB1b5Ac2Cf562DF

0.4 eth go to the air :grin::pray:


Sorry ser, for the withdrawal steps, please check this article first:

then please reopened, connect with your wallet,you will see a dialog box pop up in the top right corner, click to complete transfer and pay the gas fee to ethereum,the funds will arrive.

Next time if you have any questions about using starknet, please feel free to join our discord server for consultation.

Thank you🙏