Starknet next versions (v0.12.3, v0.13.0) and Sepolia testnet migration

The next versions of Starknet are v0.12.3 and v0.13.0.


V0.12.3 will bring a very important change, namely the feeder gateway deprecation. We take this opportunity to remind the community that builders should migrate to an API service or to run a full node independently.

V0.12.3 also introduces some changes to __validate__ of account contracts. See release notes below.


V0.13.0 will include a new transaction type, V3. This transaction type lays the foundation for future features on the roadmap, including TX fee payment in STRK in addition to ETH, fee market, paymaster, and nonce generalization. You can read more about this new transaction type in SNIP-8 and SNIP-10.

In addition, v0.13.0 will come with a new Cairo version, v2.4.0, introducing string literals and basic string operations.

These are the planned dates for the networks’ upgrades:

  • Nov 19, 2023: V0.12.3 Goerli testnet
  • Dec 12, 2023: V0.13.0 Goerli testnet and Sepolia testnet.
  • Dec 19, 2023: V0.12.3 mainnet.
  • Jan 10, 2024: V0.13.0 mainnet, pending governance vote.

Sepolia Testnet

In addition to the version updates, Starknet will be migrating its testnet to Sepolia following the deprecation of Goerli. Goerli testnet will be supported until the end of 2023, and we encourage devs to move to Sepolia once possible.

Starknet will start its migration to Sepolia testnet on Nov 15th 2023. At this point, full nodes, API services, SDKs, and other Starknet devtools will start their migration to Sepolia as well. From this point on, once possible, we urge all builders to migrate to Sepolia. Note that Sepolia will have a clean state and will support declaring classes of Cairo v0 and Cairo v2.0.0 and higher.

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave your comment as a reply to this post in the community forum.

V0.12.3 Release notes

  • Performance optimizations in the gateway, the computation of the Patricia storage root and block hash.
  • Support secp256r1 syscalls in the Starknet OS.
  • Restriction for __validate__ and the constructor of DeployAccount transactions:
    • Restrict access to sequencer_address in the get_execution_info syscall - return zero values
    • Restrict access to some syscalls:
      • Cairo contracts: get_block_hash
      • CairoZero contracts: get_sequencer_address


Move structs that are common to secp256k1 and secp256r1 to a separate file.

These Starknet updates showcase a forward-thinking approach. Deprecating the feeder gateway in v0.12.3 emphasizes the need for builder adaptation, while v0.13.0 introduces a promising transaction type for future functionalities. The outlined schedule and migration to Sepolia reflect a strategic evolution. The release notes detail performance improvements and security enhancements, underscoring Starknet’s commitment to refining its platform.

thats dope
Hope to see starknet airdrop nearly to v0.13.0 mainnet!

Great news for builders

This is currently quite interesting! The fate of the Eth L1 network update, specifically eip4844, holds significant importance. If everything proceeds smoothly, there are solid reasons to anticipate the successful launch of StarkNet. Anticipated are increased real-world usage and a growing user base! StarkNet2024.

So great update…I hope $STRK launch soon!

amazing news. We will wait 22/1/2024

great,i think itsi possible.

looks cool and more utility adds a value in core project, its not just update, its huge utility adding to project by team and developers. Thanks.

Now a lot of public channels talking about snapshot and airdrop this winter :sweat_smile:

Great news with the string literals… I also hope we now have more forward functions for type conversions like ‘.to_string()’ instead of the usual ‘.try_into()’, also maybe ‘.to_uint()’ instead of ‘.try()’

I mean, that would be a great tweak, but then again we wait and see what comes with the upgrades :partying_face:

So we need to migrate before 15 November to avoid unexpected bugs?

No. We will support Goerli testnet until at least the end of 2023, so there is a time when both networks are supported to allow a smooth migration period.

Do we want to change our node from Goerli to Sepolia? Where can i get the codings for that?

In the upcoming days, we’ll deploy Sepolia testnet. I assume it would take a few days after that for full nodes to add support for it as well. Which full node are you using?

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Big things brewing at Starknet!

This is a common activity, it’s just that everyone is still young and cannot afford to sit on benches near the entrance to their house

starknet come on, build together

Hey all, the feeder gateway was supposed to be turned off a few days ago on Goerli testnet (with the upgrade to version v0.12.3), but we left it on for another week due to community requests.
The feeder gateway on Goerli testnet will be turned off next Monday, Nov 27.