StarkNet Monthly Update - March

Hi all, welcome to March monthly update. So, without further ado, let’s start:

StarkNet Alpha versions

  • V0.8.0 - Released on Goerli in mid-march and on Mainnet a week after. Now is the time to make sure you are working with the fee mechanism. This mechanism is optional at the moment but will be enforced starting from V0.9.0.

  • V0.8.1 - A minor version update. It will be released on Goerli this week (beginning of April), and on Mainnet the week after. This version includes mainly changes to the fee estimation API, providing more accurate responses.

  • V0.9.0 - Aimed to be released on mid-May. You can see the full description in last month’s update.

  • V0.10.0 - We started working on scoping the exact features for this version. We will share our plan with you all as soon as it is finalized. It will most likely include the account structure changes described in these posts: 1, 2.

StarkNet Goerli Faucet

With V0.8.0, we also released a faucet for Goerli ETH for StarkNet Alpha on Testnet.

We remind you that once V0.9.0 is released, the fee mechanism will be enforced, and transactions without fees will be rejected.


StarkGate Alpha was released on Goerli. Go check it out, we will love to get your feedback! We plan to follow with the Mainnet release in 1-2 weeks.

We are still in the Alpha phase so StarkGate Alpha on Mainnet will have a few limitations. You can see the exact limitations here. Some of you might find the initial limitations a bit disappointing as they are, well, very limiting. We treat users’ funds very seriously, and therefore opted to go on the safe side and start slow. I believe this is the right approach.

As I mentioned in last month’s update, I invite you all to leave feedback and ask questions.


Should I be worried if I (as a developer) have currently no idea how the fees should be paid? Yes, there is a Goerli Eth faucet, but does that mean we should somehow submit GoerliEth with L2 transactions (or get a paymaster to pay in GoerliEth)?


The account that submits the transaction must have enough balance on the ETH ERC20 on L2. The faucet is just a way for you to conveniently get L2 ETH on testnet, then when submitting a transaction to your account contract, by specifying “max_fee” you make sure that the sequencer is allowed to charge you up to that amount.


Is the expectation that the parallelization improvements in 0.9.0 will result in faster time to soft finality (acceptance on L2 + corresponding state updates)?

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Yes, this is exactly the expectation.
Do note that this is only the first iteration of parallelization and we plan to improve the Sequencer performance also in future versions.

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Continuing the discussion from StarkNet Monthly Update - March:

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Continuing the discussion from StarkNet Monthly Update - March:

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