Starknet’s second vote is coming - Starknet Alpha v0.12.0

Test vote is now open on Snapshot.

Note that we expect a much wider set of participants in the upcoming v0.12 vote. This is because more teams building on Starknet have gotten access to STRK voting power through channels like EAG, and more token holders have chosen to delegate their voting power (including expanding SNF delegation).

As we anticipate more voting addresses participating, it’s important that all those who plan to vote ensure they are able to do so smoothly in a test environment. Please help us test the governance infrastructure prior to the 0.12 vote.

The timeline is as follows

  • July 4th → deploy v0.12.0 to Goerli + open test vote (done)

  • July 5th → start v0.12.0 vote

  • July 10th → end v0.12.0 vote

  • July 11th → freeze period

  • July 12th → deploy v0.12.0 to mainnet according to vote results