Suggested introduction of chatGPT

I think we can quote an API to introduce the now advanced artificial intelligence robot into our forum, which can well reduce the workload of the staff, but also 24 hours online, we all know that robot is very powerful, we send him the information needed, so that he can learn, he can work without fatigue


AI brings changes to people’s lives, and hopefully we can adopt it


chatgpt is young, still learn busy. For forum, I suggest that real persons better than bot. :wink:


But As I known ,it has already solutions for this service ,and it will for sure save a lot of time for staff


CHATGPT is not very mature now, and the team needs a lot of time for the machine to learn to implement this feature


Please don’t disclosure your personal data when using CHATGPT , there is potential risk behind, my company has already sent the risk waning on this . that means we need make sure what’s information we can share with the CHATGPT or not


But its capabilities are already amazing


This allows the administrator to save a lot of time and effort, without having to review each posting, each reply :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If you have a robust way of detecting AI generated posts I’m all ears. We’ve seen a ton of these flood in recently with the launch of SN gov. We have internal methods for detection and are working on new ways, but happy to move this conversation public.

I’m really unsure why this is happening as it’s been stated several times that posting on the forum, particularly in governance, will not qualify users for any token distribution.


Relax, this is just a good-natured discussion, the role of the community forum is not to let everyone work together to build it, we need to work together to come up with ideas, discuss together, this is the meaning of the community. :partying_face:


There are AIs other than chat gtp that are built and being used by Crypto communities. Delysium and Lucy for example.

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@JerryX That will be good for basic mod work, this is the idea to make life easier
Need realese it

Aren’t they just interfaces of the same GPT ?

Yes, we can certainly introduce an advanced artificial intelligence robot to our forum through an API. This would greatly reduce the workload of our staff and allow for 24-hour online assistance. The robot would be highly capable of learning and working tirelessly without fatigue, making it a valuable addition to our team. Additionally, an AI robot can provide quick and accurate responses to frequently asked questions, freeing up our staff to focus on more complex issues. This would ultimately improve the overall experience of our forum users and increase efficiency for our team.

The combination of human and AI is important. First of all, the training of AI, systematic inculcation of the answer to relevant questions, with the staff to solve the problems with details.

I think this idea really has the right to life, but still need to be prepared for failures as ChatGPT is centralized and although it will relieve the staff watching the forum - do not relax. IMHO