Token Burn Mechanism for STRK

To maintain the value and scarcity of STRK tokens, we propose to implemen a token burn mechanism.

Unclaimed STRK Tokens: Any STRK tokens from that remain unclaimed for Starknet Provisions Program will be permanently burned. This reduces the total supply of STRK tokens, thereby increasing their value for existing holders.

Fee Payment Burn: A portion of the STRK tokens used for transaction fees will be automatically burned. This continuous burning process decreases the circulating supply, ensuring a deflationary effect on the token economy.

By implementing these burn mechanisms, we aim to enhance the value and stability of the STRK token ecosystem.

Eli touched on this on X, can be expected to be implemented in the future not to mention we have EIP-1559 champion.

It’s possible to implement like BNB quarter burns, there is no need to make a transition to STRK PoS

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@elibensasson FYI
what are your thoughts on the implementation of the burning mechanism of STRK?