Here are my thoughts and suggestions on a possible re-airdrop

@elibensasson My suggestion is that Starknet’s future airdrop rules can be improved in the following aspects to ensure that true supporters and long-term holders get the rewards they deserve:

  1. Holding time and frequency of use:

Reward users who hold and actively use STRK tokens for a long time. Determine airdrop qualifications by analyzing wallet transaction history and token holding time, borrowing zkSync’s airdrop qualification time-weighted average method.

  1. Participation in official activities:

Prioritize rewards for users who actively participate in official activities, especially those who use STRK tokens for these activities. This not only shows their support for the project, but also shows a deep understanding and trust in the project.

  1. Encourage long-term investment:

Design a reward mechanism to encourage users to hold STRK tokens for a long time rather than engage in short-term speculation. For example, establish a holding reward program, the longer the token is held, the more rewards.

Users who deposit STRK tokens in platforms such as zklend and Nostra to earn a meager annualized return have demonstrated long-term confidence and loyalty to the project. These users not only did not sell STRK during the market downturn, but also chose to continue holding STRK tokens and use them to participate in official activities. Such behavior undoubtedly deserves more recognition and rewards. Of course, users who participate with ETH or USDC are also true supporters, but their loyalty may not be as good as those who hold STRK tokens for a long time to participate in activities.

I hope the Starknet team will consider these suggestions and formulate more fair and effective airdrop rules in the future.