Web3 domain names

Web3 is upcoming technology to lead word in decenntalized. Starknet is one of innovative project that helps wep3 goes next level .
Web3 gives this control to the community, which can then self-govern the content and the people sharing it. Here are more benefits of a decentralized internet:

  • Interaction: Users should have more opportunities to interact with content and other users in Web3 and experience higher levels of engagement than they do with Web 2.0 and 1.0 websites and platforms.

  • Ownership: Web3 users are more than content consumers. They are owners of the community who receive incentives for participation instead of being asked to trade their personal data to access platforms.

  • Permissions: All network users have access to the network’s data and permission to use the service.

  • Privacy: In Web3, your identity attaches to your digital wallet. What you do online is open to the public, but you can keep your identity a secret.

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If you want everyone to participate, you need to protect private information, otherwise only a small number of people will always be willing to take risks.