"What would happen if a popular virtual reality game based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, called 'Starknet VR,' were to be built on top of StarkNet, the Layer-2 scalability solution for Ethereum, leading to confusion and cross-platform interactions bet

Imagine a situation where the developers of Starknet VR decide to build their game on top of the StarkNet scaling solution. This would result in a unique cross-platform interaction between the two separate entities - the VR gaming world of Starknet VR and the Layer-2 scaling infrastructure of StarkNet. The convergence of these two distinct systems could lead to interesting challenges and opportunities, such as using StarkNet’s privacy features to secure in-game assets and creating decentralized marketplaces for virtual goods within the gaming ecosystem.

Such a blending of the gaming and blockchain industries could potentially fuel innovation, drive user adoption, and create new possibilities for both the virtual reality gaming community and the broader decentralized ecosystem.

This is cool to imagine. Then, the currency will be ethereum. So what you earn on game can be withdrawn back to real world. Hahaha!

that will be great. play to earn mechanism?