Withdrawal Time from L2 ->L1

Hey there,

I tried StarkGate, things went pretty smooth form L1 to L2. And then latter on i tried to Withdraw from L2 to L1. First i struggled and the transaction was refused several time. Finally it did work.

However, the statuts on “voyager” is " Accepted on L2" since 15h at the time of writing these lines. The amount i tried to withdraw left from Argent X wallet but hasn’t arrive on my original Wallet. I’m trying to track down on “voyager” but it’s not very clear for me.

Do you guys have some explanation to help me with that?



While deposits from L1 to L2 take only one Ethereum transaction, withdrawals from L2 to L1 take two transactions; first, you need to initiate a withdrawal on L2 (this is what you did). Then you have to finish the withdrawal by calling the ‘withdraw’ function on the bridge contract on L1.

If you used StarkGate UI for your deposit (and haven’t deleted your browser cache) you should have an option to finish the withdrawal through the UI (click on your Ethereum wallet → ‘transfer log’).

If you can’t find this option on StarkGate, you could manually finish the withdrawal by calling the ‘withdrawal’ function on the L1 bridge contract. You’d have to provide your L2 StarkNet address and the appropriate amount as parameters. If you’re trying to withdraw Eth, here’s a link to the Eth bridge contract where you can call the function:

For more info, please refer to the documentation:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Sorry didn’t get a chance to come back here earlier and thank you. it did helped!

thank you very much for your time and complet reply.