USDC Bridge Transaction Hasn't Consumed By L1 For 6 Days

I am a very newbie, I transferred some usdc from Starknet to L1 via bridge 6 days ago, and when I checked the message hash, I saw that it hasn’t been consumed by L1, what should I do?

You transaction : Transaction - Starkscan

Kind Regards

hey CrowVendetta are you connecting assets through the official bridge? To bridge from starknet to L1 you need to go back to the bridge page for a second confirmation, it will pop up a confirmation window, can you confirm it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello friend, I will try to help you. Here’s the way how to withdraw it manually.

  1. Use Metamask (address: 0xff33267d0d309a6ac17d08c5de406b670c737a01) Connect to this page :point_right: StarkNet: StarkGate ETH Bridge | Address 0xae0ee0a63a2ce6baeeffe56e7714fb4efe48d419 | Etherscan

  2. Select Step 12: Withdrawal

  3. Amount (uint256):70000000000000000
    pls don’t leave spaces before or after the numbers

  4. Click on write (If it’s high gas fee popup(very outrageous price, such as 0.7,0.8eth), don’t click to confirm, pls refuse the transaction, if the gas fee is normal (0.002,0.003ETH?) click to confirm, then the funds will arrived you L1 address