AIRDROP eligibility, Crazy Suggestion / Idea. For true supporters

Здарова бро :muscle: Glad to see ya here as well:)
Yeah, vesting make senses actually.
But u know sybils…Even vesting won’t stop to drop everything to the cup once they got their tokens.
Just make the drop criteria plain and at the same time difficult to achieve for farmers.

But still, there’re too many things have to be handled by the team. Pretty sure they can do that :point_right: :heart_hands: :point_left:

Until now Developers haven’t yet figured out the exact formulation to rewarding users while preventing against Sybilor. By requiring users to go through KYC procedures in order to receive rewards or airdrops, one can reduce this. This, however, contradicts the principle of anonymity desired by Satoshi Nakamoto.

I like your suggestion because it would enable StarkNet to reduce Sybilor that’s moving their capital into StarkNet. Especially after the snapshot announcement, for instance, of Layer Zero/zkSync. These projects currently attract a significant number of potential Sybilor.

Hi, Pavel from RocifFi Labs here. We’re building RA, wallet intelligence tool. Right now, it can filter accounts based on the following criteria:

  • Wallet creation and last activity date
  • Amount received and sent (USD)
  • Frequency ot transactions
  • Borrowed or deposited amount on top lending protocols
  • Amount of premium NFTs hold.

Atm we support only Ethereum, with Celo, Moonbeam, and Fuser being the next targets. Would love to discuss onboarding Starknet.