AIRDROP eligibility, Crazy Suggestion / Idea. For true supporters

I guess I will receive lot of hate after what I write, but I guess you all will like to hear it.

Recently I came up with one really interesting Idea of Potential Starknet Airdrop Eligibility Criteria.

First of all I won’t describe here again, what criteria should or etc, but I’ll share my vision of the SNAPSHOT of Eligible users.

It’s not a surprise, that everyone is farming Airdrops right now, especially after Arbitrum + Sui airdrops, users drive mad about tokens that they might receive.

Simple example: Just check TVL + Daily transactions + Volume increase of the LayerZero/Starknet right after Arbitrum’s $ARB retrodrop.

It had extremely HUGE increase of new users right after the drop. Which means users started to create more accounts to pretend to be the real user and farm for upcoming retrodrop/TGE.

So my idea is Simple and Plain. When LayerZero or zkSync Era will make an announcement about retrodrop/TGE, collcect the data of onchain users that interacted with Starknet.

Example: Let’s assume that on 13.09.2023 LayerZero make an announcement that snapshot is done and they will share $ZRO tokens on15.09.2023. At this period of time, STARKNET can collect date of all users that interacted with STARKNET before the 13.09.2023.
In this case we can make sure that at least 70% of the users we have right now are the real ones. Because after next HUGE drop, I’m pretty sure about that, people will create more farms here, on the STARKNET and will be very difficult to get rid of those who has 300-500-1000 accounts.

Hope u aren’t tired of reading all of this, Cheers. :heart_hands:

I think that’s a good idea. But the team should be eager to reward true users only, which means extra work for them to collect data and process it for that strategy. Even so, I agree with you. It should be done for the favour of real starkers.

Yeah, appreciate that mate.
I also thought that it will make sense, and will be good to reward early/real users.
Cause once the next big airdrop will happen, everyone gonna rush to Starknet.

I don’t know. What makes users that rushed in after the ARB airdrop more worthy than those that will rush in after the zkSync / LZ / Polygon zkEVM airdrop? Early users will probably get more anyways, I don’t see a reason to particularly try to exclude users coming in after the next big airdrop

I’ve no idea as well. Some of the users think that it’s easy money for them and they neglect technology.
That’s why I suggested the way on how we can at least get rid of the huge wave that might come.

I agree with throwaway, the current users do not have to be more legitimate than the ones to come, on some occasions they will be and on others they will not, the only way like it or not, to avoid multi-accounts that do so much damage to the community is the KYC

Nah, I won’t be that sure. Even KYC is easy to obtain. U can get whatever u want on OTC :sweat_smile:
And that’s really difficult to put and consider about eligible requirements.

I would also say how long you have used your wallet

Yeap, totally agree with you.
Especially how long and how often…
In my opinion if the wallet is old, it suppose to has at least 3-5 txn per month.

In the course to reward long term users, we still can’t disqualify the new users. I think “the more the trx, the more the allocation” this reward users base on usage, which is all we need

Usage frequency (I don’t think this is an issue tho)

Of course, it would be unfair to the newbies who come to the protocol.
But my point was sort out among newbies who really interested in developing and the one who comes after next big airdrop to farm on the Starknet…
That’s two different things;)

it should be multi strat with anyway very strict on criteria, wallet age is the best method imo (and accumulated volume ‘over time’ imo, like, at (very) least, 5K)

Yeah, volume is also great thing.
Volume + amount of txns + account age. At least 3-4 months

I believe that airdrop farmers aren’t particularly concerning, as long as they’re manually interacting with the network. However, the real issue lies with scripts or bots that farm the network using hundreds or even thousands of accounts. Given this situation, it might be prudent for someone to develop an application or script that can detect and mitigate these Sybil attacks.

Yeah, maybe include
Volume + amount of txs + account age + balance + amount of interactive contracts + LP + forum

Perhaps just having multiple screenshots at various dates could solve this issue aswell? If this is the case, i hope at least one screenshot has already been taken :slight_smile:

Also participating in various months could be a good criteria to effectively remove sybil and airdrop farming. For example 1 token for 1 month, but 100 tokens for 6 months etc…

Oh, u mean snapshot.
Yeah, that would be nice, if it work in this way.

Without a snapshot, they can build a scoring system based on the history of transactions of an account. They can look at the following:

  • Account activation date
  • Number of apps/protocols interacted with
  • Transactions volume
  • Amount bridged to Starknet
  • Frequency of interactions per week/months
  • Participation in the ecosystems quests (starknetid, argentx, braavos, etc.) by checking NFTs claims
  • Starknet id and if it’s linked to Discord and Twitter

Yeah, that would be very nice, I mean scoring system is nice move.
It will eliminate many sybils/farmers.

Adhering to the standard criteria we will have a lot of drop hunters and bots

We need something new, creative and at the same time not to offend real users

My suggestion would be quite outrageous, make a 2-3 year vesting, then it will be a soft landing and not spray and pray