Applications for Round #1 of Early Adopter Grants (EAG)

This is the application thread for Round #1 of Early Adopter Grants (EAG).

This thread will be open until the application deadline, April 5, 2023 (4PM GMT).

This thread will be moderated to include only project applications. For other comments or questions, please visit the corresponding Community Feedback post.

Note that the current round of Early Adopter Grants is for projects that are already deployed on mainnet or testnet.

To apply for Round #1 of Early Adopter Grants, please reply to this thread with the following template:

Application template:

  • Project name:
  • Project description:
  • Website:
  • GitHub:
  • Twitter:
  • Contact email / Telegram / Twitter:
  • Team size:
  • Deployed contracts: (links to verified contracts on StarkScan / Voyager; please separate between mainnet and testnet contracts)

Note: your contracts must be verified & labeled on block explorers (StarkScan / Voyager) before submitting your application post.