Create dashboard for tracking your DeFi portfolio request

A good interface seems to me the best way to attract :wink:

Sure thing, I guess one of the teams will handle it, probably it will be @rabbitx team, who knows. Lets see it goes :thinking:

Sounds great, I like your team & protocol, using your DEX as well. This is actually the place where I found u guys.

So I think u could create nice tracking portfolio dashboard.
I guess especially right now, when users are coming to Starknet day by day, dashboard really needed. :heart_hands:

Hello guys!

I think that I have something for you, indeed we are building different projects for starknet ecosystem and one that we currently passed in beta is the following Starken - All your portfolio

You will be early users !

If you have any questions, reach me !

That should be third party partners’ job. As a decentralized L2, we should not endorse any project.

Cool, would love to try it out. But after redirecting to your Portfolio dApp, I’m unable to connect my wallet.
And another thing, have you already applied for the Applications for Round #1 of Early Adopter Grants (EAG) ?


You don’t need to connect your wallet. Just click on add a wallet, enter a name for a wallet, then a color and finally your wallet address and there you are !
We have indeed for the moment made the choice to don’t force user to sign in with a contract.

For the grant, we applied with an other one of our app. More informations about our lab are coming this week.

If you have any other questions, just ask me here or on twitter @MatHitchens

I added the address, but seems it only shows assets worth of $, not tracking my portfolio for now.
Mean it doesn’t track activity like where I staked, deposited etc

The worth of dollars is based on what you have in your wallet in term of tokens (erc20 and LP for the moment)
You have to click on your wallet to see the complete distribution / repartition.

I actually really like this app! Pretty straightforward and easily customizable, no wallet connection needed. And once I added my address and clicked on the wallet I was able to see an accurate graph of the TVL and where everything was locked. I would use this on a regular basis

Was not bad, but for now dApp is down, eror 404

Thanks for your message, I really appreciate it!

Hey the app is not down, the link has changed, instead of going to you should go now to
I will add an auto redirection! Our goal is to make your experience easy as possible


It’s quite necessary or convenient to have such dapp to track Defi (or even NFT) porfolio. I use Zapper a lot and it does quite well on portfolio tracking. So could also propose to Zapper to integrate Starknet defi protocol into Zapper would be great :thinking:

Yeah, also love @zapper or @debank. But I don’t think if they are able to integrate Starknet or not.
But wish it can be.

Is it works like Dune for crypto?

I like zapper, so wish if they can integrate with Starknet

Yeah, sort of.
But mostly like Zerion, Debank or Zapper.

Difficult to imagine, but why not.
They have very user-friendly interface.

Could you help me with ETH dashbord?