Cairo 0 to Cairo 1.0

Hi all, I just saw that my wallet contract is class version Cairo 0. Is there a step by step guide how to upgrade to Cairo 1.0?
Please keep in mind that not everybody is a tech expert :grin:

Ser, if you are a user, just need to upgrade your account
Please check:
1、Account upgrades and extension/app upgrades are different upgrades. Usually, an account means that each account within the extension/app
2、 In the next few months to a year, please check your account at least 2 months/time to see if it needs to be upgraded.
3、For account upgrade, if you see a prompt in your account like this screenshot (1,red for argent wallet
, 2,blue for braavos
), it means your account needs to be upgraded,If you don’t see this prompt in your account, it means that your account is already up to date with the current version, however, please don’t forget to check if you need to upgrade at least 2 months/time.

for the method of account upgrade, please check the corresponding third party wallet guide:
argent x:

4、For extension/app upgrade, it will usually be upgraded automatically (or manually, please refer to the guide of your browser and OS to operate), you can also check whether the extension/app is the latest version by the following methods

Argent x:Releases · argentlabs/argent-x · GitHub

Braavos: Download Braavos Wallet check with the corresponding store link

It is recommended to upgrade both account and extension/app to the latest version

For further inquiries about account upgrades, please join the corresponding third-party wallet community and get support:
Argent X: Argent
Braavos: Braavos Wallet on StarkNet

Thank you!

First of all thank you for your answer and I am sorry for my late response.
Actually in my wallets both app or extension when I get the sign I am updating.
My question is about the message I get in some websites like Aspect that says “upgrade your wallet to Cairo 1.0” and also in Voyager. I am posting a photo for you to see that my contract is in Cairo 0

Sorry ser, argent x team had a reply to this, it’s just a ui issue(please check: Discord ),so if you have already upgraded the account then don’t worry, but please don’t forget to check if your account needs to be upgraded,at least 2 months/time,thank you