Combatting Bot Invasion: A Call to Action for a Fairer Blockchain

Just 2 hours after the start of the Quantum Leap mint, the event was interrupted, preventing real users from taking part.

The rise of bots on blockchain networks is undermining project integrity and community trust.

As a concerned non-developer, I am witnessing bots destroying projects one after the other, more urgently than sybil attacks which can be filtered post-event.

This not only hampers real-time events but also erodes community trust in projects meant to serve genuine users lacking advanced technical skills.

I propose the implementation of a system within smart contracts, right from their inception, that detects bot activity and significantly increases transaction fees (e.g., minting fees) for identified bots.

This system could act as a deterrent, making it economically unviable for bots to manipulate the network while protecting the interests of true users.

I completely disagree with you.
If the network cannot handle bots, then it cannot handle the amount of traffic that we all plan to get in the next years.

We should encourage even more the botting (we didn’t had any rewards promised on the NFT minting), to help stress testing the chain, real problems appear when stressing the chain.

I don’t think there’s any system available that can efficiently distinguish between a bot and a real user onchain.

Even while many could not mint the Quantum leap Nft, I was able to, after some few trials

I think the reason why the nft minting met a Waterloo was that starknet’s TPS is still slow, thereby causing the network to reach max throughput while a lot of users were trying to mint. Max throughput reached is very bad for the network as it can cause a network overload

Bots have their advantages in Blockchain testing as they push the network to an extreme condition normal users wouldn’t. Reason we shouldn’t try to lock them out, as we can benefit from their actions

Yes, they deprive real users of some events. I was thinking the minting page would be designed to have a minting cap per hour or something to regulate our many addresses can mint per min/hr to avoid throughout max getting reached

I wasn’t thinking of excluding bots if they have a use, but of penalizing them. A few weeks ago, I participated in the launch of a token that was farmed by bots. The devs had programmed a line in the smart contract to confiscate farmed tokens. They then renounced this line of the contract. I’d like to point out that there’s a difference between using a bot to mint 1 NFT and be the fastest, and mining 100 NFT. The first case seems normal to me, the second destroys the value of the project.

The nft minting was 1 per address, that should be safe enough. The starknet TPS is just still too slow, cuz minting was taking close to a minute or half