Mistakes made and wrong decisions made in the first airdrop

@elibensasson Since you want to hear this, let me tell you about mistakes. First of all, the requirement for people to have 0.005 eth in their wallets in the first airdrop round was very unreasonable, I say this as someone whose web3 wallet has been hacked 3 times before. I don’t keep my balances in my cold wallet, my balances are usually in my stock market account and I withdraw and use them whenever I need. I can’t risk my money again. You will probably say that 0.005 eth is a very low riskable amount. However, this balance is enough for a hacker to steal any NFT assets in my wallet. You could have used different metrics instead. For example, instead of having at least 0.005 eth in the wallet, it is required to interact with at least 5 starknet dapps. Or you could issue NFTs to identify and mark real users at certain milestones since the Starknet network was established. In this way, on the day of the airdrop, you could choose a reward by looking at who followed the Starknet network and how many NFTs they had. It’s just a simple metric. If you think about it, many different and more comprehensive metrics can be obtained. Now let’s talk about the second or subsequent airdrops. From the very beginning, we told you to fix the first airdrop allocation first. But you constantly lashed out at the community, telling us that there would be second or third airdrops and that we should continue to use starknet. However, you are forgetting the important point that you do not think about but the users do. Personally, as a starknet user, I did not receive an airdrop allocation even though I had only one wallet in the first airdrop and used the starknet network constantly. That’s why I stopped using the starknet network. I am not an airdrop farmer. I enjoyed using the Starknet network organically. I got angry at you for the unfair distribution and stopped using your network. Now, you have been saying for a long time that there will be a second airdrop to appease the community. But I’m so angry at you that I don’t even care about the 2nd airdrop. Because probably in the second airdrop, the majority of the beneficiaries are those who qualified for the first airdrop and received 100k stark. You distributed such large amounts of stark to many of them, at our expense, that it became almost impossible for us to compete with them for the 2nd airdrop. You did this. If you had listened to us and remixed the first distribution and distributed it to the entire starknet community. Almost half of the users would use the starks from the first airdrop on the starknet network again. For example, delegating. or like buying quality NFTs. However, you allocated the second airdrop allocation to the people to whom you distributed those high amounts of stark from the very beginning. I hope you understand me. People sold 1 Strk for almost $2 in the first airdrop. The person to whom you gave 100k strk suddenly earned $200k. From the very beginning, it was made impossible for users like us to compete with these people for the 2nd airdrop. If you distribute the second airdrop share to users you did not qualify in the first airdrop without any conditions, you can at least regain maybe 1/3 of the community you lost. Respects