[ WYO ] What Happens After and Before THE AIRDROP

Airdrops are aways to allocate power[ voting ] to devoted members of a project and at the same time reward them for sticking around and testing the project. Simple as a b c. Lol

Now the wave around airdrops is “A make quick money strategy”.This is a problem because some persons who seem to be interested in the project will join and after airdrop season will leave and swap their tokens for The Bags* and not the longevitive of it…

How I See The Triangle. And what we can do to reduce these events in our Space.

  1. I still see Stacknet to be in Early stages. This was hard for me to say but that is a fact for now. I tested starknet a year ago. I must say I didn’t like the experience. Up until now I still find it challenging when using the network, recently buying a stark identity on stark id website was like watching a movie with texts rolling on my screen and describing how stark the block is. This exposes the weakness of Starknet when ever a new user wants to get an ID and that is one of the first tasks a newer does. Stark id is doing a great advert for the community. Yes of course…

  2. Something should be done and I mean as quick as possible to solve latency issues I know it won’t be an easy task and the Devs are already on it. Also the movement of an NFT mint can be a good option to onboard new users too. A couple of chains[Sei etc] have done that and gained massive audience just from a simple mint anouncement. That’s another topic ## Lets get on track now…

3. If you see this post you are an early user. Smile :smiling_face:say; " I am Early" yes you :clap:

  [wrap=color color=# blue=#]A TWO way METHOD.[/wrap]
  1. I think the upcoming reward program should be in two’s. Airdrop as you may call it.

  2. First should be a general reward for instance any one who ever made an attempt to move tokens, tested the network and registered on the forum. Additionally mint a special NFT [An on-board strategy] we need the volume and users … you know?

  3. Second Reward should go for those who will hold whole or a portion of the airdrop after launch and is active in the forum even if it’s just reading in the forum.

These are what I think about how to
Leadmangh sign

I like the idea of splitting the airdrop eligibility. Distributing tokens across different tiers with a focus on smarter vesting strategies is definitely the way to avoid ‘grab and run’ tactics by incentivising those that are most committed. SingularityNET have implemented a similar idea for their token reward system recently.

:slight_smile: exactly man thanks for the contribution i hope this will become a reality sooner.

Nice thoughts mate. Agree with u totally.

We are still on the early stage. That’s why I think, if airdrop will ever be, encourage the users who interacted with dApps even with the HIGH slippage, failing txs etc.

And especially for those users, who’ll be still keeping the tokens for future’s DAO proposal also make sense. Cause most of the users, used to put the tokens in the order cup right after drop, only small percent of the users are keeping the tokens > So in this case encourage the supporters that holding the tokens and making different proposals on the forum and delegating as well. :heart_hands:

I think people who participate in forums, contribute to the community, share quality discussions, or share information should be eligible for compensation

Agree if there will have reward for community or starknet users in the future, there should have several aspect of criteria from different perspective (not just simply base on onchain activity), could also include such as, community event participation, forum discussion…etc. Also the reward show be vested overtime to avoid simple airdrop farmer.
Recently has some rough thought about identity credit system (like Gitcoin passport, Philand, DegenScore or Ethscore). Maybe we could build up Starknet own DID credit system, and include the credit system into reward criteria or as multiplier… just a thought

I agree
People who are active in the community are people who really care about the project.
I think these people should be well compensated :+1:

Just signed upto the fourm earlier today, so newbie here, however been working with both Argent and Braavos wallets bridging and testing the blockchain.

Regarding this proposal, I’m in favor, however there are lessons to be learnt from past airdrops in the industry, one the springs to mind is Zerion, basically a blueprint on how not to execute an airdrop and only gives to 1% of user-base on their platform. Good examples are Uniswap, Aptos and overall web3 usage, I think the key to this is to make it as simple as possible in terms of the criteria as in the past, others complicate things too much to the point, some investors/testers don’t even bother getting the drop, also need to be ready for sybil/multi wallet farming, I know someone who farmed 9 wallets for the Arbitruim drop and that can’t happen with $STRK, it defeats the purpose of decentralization. Would like to know what others thoughts are on these ideas.

I agree with u and I think it is ok to reward testnet address who have 20 txs and more. our testnet is so slow and if they have 20 txs, I think they help build starknet

How did you get to hear about Forum?

:slight_smile: i am early and will be here even after the airdrop. Everyone using the ecosystem systemitaclly should be rewarded by his/her contribution

Testnet is annoying. Especially if you cant claim faucet tokens. Bridging from goerli to starknet says like 6Eth in gas and is also not so nice. People who did participate in the testnet should be rewarded when they have a minimum of txns.

Testnet always involve some potential errors and difficulties. that’s why it’s testnet.
We are helping by testing the dApps.
Sending aridrop for testnet users as well don’t think that good. Because in this case many users will avoid Interacting and Testing dApps on MAINNET.

Get your point there. It should be a list with Individual task to do. If using both, great the higher the rewards. Only using testnet less rewards.

Beside. On the Mainnet are only tokens aviable to swap which are aviable on lots of dexes. There isnt a token only on starknet as far as I saw. So using it would only be a win with the low fees (which I personaly love!)
Or is there something I did miss?
Minted a stark Domain on stark.id but thats it. Played around with jediswap, 10kswap and so on. But providing liq or swaping between eth and stables is all I see atm

There’re 5-12 protocols on Starknet Mainnet already:

  1. @SithSwap
  2. @10kSwap
  3. mySwap
  4. JediSwap
  5. @Starknet.id
  6. @Nostra Finance
  7. @GoL2
  8. @MintSquare
  9. @Aspect
  10. @RabbitX

And so on, don’t remember others. But I know there’re bunch already. @hashstuck gonna launch Alpha as well.
@zkxprotocol gonna launch mainnet soon, might be June-July.

Proceed with Swaps, adding LPs (earn your interest), find the bugs and report about them.

Because risking with your real funds, will give you high chances to receive the potential airdrop.

First of all, I am glad to know devs are working on latency issue. That is big plus.

On the issue of airdrop, your proposal sounds very reasonable and I believe it will lead to better outcome.

Hello, as the recent Sui situation proved us, airdrops are perceived way better by the community than ICO’s. Big problem is the sempiternual problem of Sybil.
I didn’t find the answer but : is the Fondation thinking about using the Gitcoin Passeport ? Looks like a promising tool to get rid of (some) of Sybil attacks, don’t you think ?

I like your suggestions. Just curious how will they prevent the multi wallet farming if it not sybil? Some people use different laptops and probably IPs.
And I also liked the ENS airdrop. Uniswap was a good example too.
Definitely NOT make the SUI mistake - totally disregarding their testers

ok you are right.
I like the idea of splitting the airdrop eligibility