Contract classes are not posted as part of the state update

We noticed contract classes are not posted as part of the state update. I believe this is highly problematic: in the catastrophic event of a sequencer failure or breach of trust by the sequencer, a user will still be able to recreate the state of Starknet from Ethereum, such that the community can potentially create an escape hatch, but the community will not be able to provably progress the state of Starknet without the Sequencer.

Currently, the full nodes do store all of the contract data, and the move to 4844 will make this complaint largely redundant (beyond the fact that the 4844 blobs should also include the classes to make sure they are available).

Any thoughts on how important this is? We can build a SNIP to include them.
Does anyone from SW have data at hand about how much this would affect the l1 calldata data rate? We can compute it if not.