Dashboard for tracking your DeFi portfolio

Hello dear Starkians. If you all remember on 25th of March I created the proposal for Create dashboard for tracking your DeFi portfolio request.

So, today I have very-very great news for all of you.
I found an amazing guys who just created the DASHBOARD we really deserve.

https://www.starkendefi.xyz/ will be number one dashboard for tracking all of your assets on the Starknet.


  1. Don’t need to link your wallet. All u need is just to Copy Paste your wallet address to start tracking your assets
  2. Showing your wallet balance
  3. Showing your Staked/Deposited assets across the Starknet dApps
  4. Showing your txns history (for now only last 10 txns)

They just launched the Dashboard, so might be some issues. We can explore the Dashboard and share our feedbacks on their :point_right:Discord Server :point_left: for further improvements.

hello, Good evening;
the link to Starknetdefi is broken :x:

Thanks for sharing the dashboard :+1: :blue_heart:

Oh, thank you for the notice. Let me check and fix it.

Just fixed it, check it out :heart_hands:

Hey drive, thank you for your submission. I found out it’s a great project in development for one to be able to track portfolio and DeFi products all in one app

Hello fren, sorry for the late reply. Was out of the internet.
Yeah, sure thing. I was really happy to share this dashboard with everyone, cause I know how struggling it’s not to know where are your funds.
I mean it’s kinda difficult to track, when you spread all around the dApps.