Decentralization of Voting Power

Hey! Philip is here.

I am opening this topic cause I believe we should start to pay more attention to the decentralization of voting power. Today we have less than 170 active delegates with 1.14k delegates profiles. It’s less that 15% of the total number of profiles. IMO this number should increase to at least 50% by the end of current year.

I am not saying that everybody in the list: is relevant to vote but I am certain that we have much more active and passionate contributors around the globe.

So what can we do to improve decentralization of voting power?

  • review one more time delegates profiles
  • announce to the community (via discords of dapps/projects on the ecosystem) that we’re looking for delegates
  • wait one moth and then pick up the best profiles

I am saying it’s only way but IMO these are possible steps. I’ll be super thankful for each comment/reply and ideas.

Hello friend. That’s a good topic that you raised. But here’s the thing.
in the Delegate Onboarding announcement topic, one Starkian already picked this up.

He proposed to change the distribution system, because ordinary members of the community still can not participate in the voting

Regarding this topic WE have to:

  1. Submit your delegate profile on this website:Delegate Profile Thread
  2. Delegate profile will be updated on this website: later, Token holders will delegating you voting powers based on your profile
  3. When you have the voting powers , you can vote on this website:Snapshot

But it doesn’t work & here are some points that will make sense :point_down:

I have gotten 0 voting power this month
Many people in Starknet community know me, I work and help more than in 5 projects on Starknet ecosystem (ZKX, JediSwap, SithSwap, myBraavos and StarknetID) :rocket:
But these token holders simply don’t care to spend their time on sharing tokens based on user profiles :person_shrugging:

I know this system already and I see similar issues. Thanks for pointing out!