Don't eliminate real users to catch sybil

Good evening everyone, I think it is normal for a user to perhaps use a metamask address to perform native bridges on both starknet wallets.
As I think it is normal to try and test both wallets to understand which one is better with. I don’t think that a chain like starknet will go after the sybil also because listening to their live broadcasts has always conveyed the concept of the importance of the community.

I believe that active participation on Discord and forums, along with the quantity and frequency of transactions, eliminates genuine Sybil actors. It’s impossible to carry out all these actions across multiple wallets. I think these criteria should be considered.

You’re not gonna get an airdrop bc you posted here so please stop spamming.

I’m not spamming I’m sharing my point of view! So stop being rude and be respectful of other point of views

It seems to me that if you have several linked wallets in one network, but they are very active, you should not be afraid of anything, because the developers are likely to consider that these are accounts of your friends or someone close to you.