Early Community Member Program ( ECMP)

It brings me joy to write this. I’m truly impressed with the new idea that the Starknet team has introduced, which aims to reward early community members. Many projects have failed in this aspect by neglecting the early community members who contribute to the testing of their Alpha stage. This isn’t really cool because it affects the growth of most projects that do so (e.g., $SEI, $SUI).

However, Starknet has taken a different approach by introducing ECMP, which helps to reward early members. They have allocated $50 million worth of $STRK tokens to reward those who are early adopters and are truly dedicated to the Starknet network.

This is indeed a great idea, and I hope it has a positive impact on the Starknet network. Good luck to everyone involved. I genuinely hope that all the dedicated members qualify for this opportunity.

I look forward to seeing Starknet at the top :pray:. Together, we can all contribute to making the Starknet network even better and help it become one of the leading chains in the ecosystem. :fire::rocket::heart:

Glad to hear that you also feel great about ECMP. I’m pleased to be of service, and I’m committed helping develop Starknet ecosystem and projects on it to become the number one blockchain in its field.