Reason Why You Should Join ECMP Program, NO NEED TO CODE

Imagine earning STARK tokens for your contributions to the Starknet ecosystem. By actively participating in the ECMP, you not only receive recognition but also have the potential to earn $STARK tokens, positioning you as a stakeholder in the future success of the network.

The program isn’t just for hardcore coders. If you’ve significantly contributed to technical discourse, organized events, or regularly published Starknet-branded content, this is your chance to shine. Starknet values every form of contribution, and there’s a place for everyone in our growing community.

Highlight your technical prowess, community support, event organizing skills, or content creation abilities. Starknet is looking for individuals who bring diversity and creativity to the ecosystem, so don’t hesitate to showcase what makes your contribution unique.
The ECMP evaluation committee will consider your impact, importance, effort, and originality. This is your chance to not only contribute but to actively shape the direction of the Starknet ecosystem.
Successful applicants will not only receive recognition but also have the opportunity to earn STARK tokens. As part of the ECMP, your contributions will be valued, and you’ll play a vital role in the decentralized governance of the Starknet network.

The Starknet community is calling, become a part of something extraordinary. Start writing Starknet content, create artwork, memes, or actively participate in community discussions. Your contributions matter, and the Early Community Member Program is your gateway to recognition, influence, and the chance to earn STARK tokens. Don’t miss this opportunity guys.