Ecosystem with more defi apps

Hi everyone. I identified few defi applications on the ecosystem’s official website and only interacted in MySwap, 10kSwap and JediSwap. Are there other dapps where I can interact with pools, farms and swap? Thank you very much in advance.

Hello friend, there are not too many dApps on Starknet Mainnet for now. But there’re few extra that you can use:

  1. Nostra Finance - is next generation DEX on Starknet, feat stable swaps with low fees and slippage, and multiple liquidity pools
  2. SithSwap - is the liquidity Layer on Starknet. but for now only 5$ worth deposits are available on mainnet.

Thanks, man! SithSwap is a good alternative to interact, especially cause got no governance token yet. Nostra seems to be too

You are welcome my friend, glad that you like it :heart_hands:
I’m also using it, nice alternative with high APR for now.
Nostra seems to be to, but still in early Alpha, need to wait :slight_smile:

The apr of shitswap looks very high, although it seems to be doing some lp, but the apr is too high, I am a little scared

You made a mistake my friend, should be *Sithswap :sweat_smile:

shitswap is not from starknet, but cardano.
just kidding…lol
now seriously, SithSwap has little liquidity because it is a very new protocol, from what I saw. When you have greater capital inflows into the protocol and the network in general, APRs tend to drop. Currently, from what I saw on DefiLlama, the network only has 4 dapps. I hope that soon there will be more for us to interact with, providing liquidity in this insane market.

Yes, it will be for sure. Just give to it sometime.
But as u can see, on DefiLlame on Starknet’s chart, TVL is growing slowly, now is over 6$ mln

Matter of time, really. Growing adoption will bring more applications.

Sure thing. Let’s wait for that. I’m already looking forward :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey there! :hugs:

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zklend nostra zkx
Here are a few lending programs I know of. You can also deposit and swap in argent wallet

Ekubo protocol
nostra finance
Yas (yet another swap)

you ll find their link in starkent ecosystem website