Airdrop proposal

I want to propose several criteria for landing and how to effectively weed out Sybil.

Suggested criteria (can be used either as a multiplier or to distribute airdrop to everyone who meets ALL criteria):

  1. Using the Starknet bridge (since it is still really an alpha version and there is a risk of losing money, accordingly, people who risk their own money for the benefit of alpha testing of the product should get an airdrop)

  2. More than 3 transactions on the Starknet network on different days /weeks (such a selection criterion will eliminate many Sybils, since few of them perform repetitive actions on the network, since this requires money to pay for gas)

  3. Take a picture of those who have more than a certain amount in dollars in any tokens on their balance in the network. Stablecoins also need to be taken into account, since many cannot afford to store most of the money in Ethereum in a bear market, and most often they store them in the amount necessary to pay for gas. (Most sybils cannot and do not want to leave even $ 50 on the balance in the Starknet network, respectively, they practically do not use the network, since after the first login to the Starknet network, they withdraw funds on the same day and no longer make transactions on the network)

  4. The owners of the node in devnet Starknet, who were not promised any rewards (which means that most sybil do not put the node, especially since it is quite expensive. The node occupies a huge amount of memory, which significantly affects the cost of its maintenance. Thanks to the owners of the devnet node, a network is maintained that helps developers create their own projects).

  5. Registered participants of the Starknet forum (since these are people who are really interested in the Starknet network, who participate in its creation, discussion, work and monitor its development). A snapshot should be taken before the publication of this topic, as many will start registering for the sake of a retrodrop. Also, it is not necessary to include this criterion as mandatory in the sum with the previous criteria.

I also want to express my opinion about the airdrop for Gitcoin donators/voting /stake holders /multi-signal safe in other networks:

I believe that it is those who interact with the Starknet network that should be encouraged, and not those who may not even know about such a network as Starknet.

The Starknet network will help participants with a small bank to use the blockchain to the fullest, since often people simply do not have enough money to pay for gas in the main Ethereum network. And if you provide airdrops to those who make a lot of transactions on the main network, then you make the rich even richer, which, in my opinion, is completely wrong.


Very bias.
Application on Starknet has very been inconsistent and verly bad experience for an entire L2 community. I would not use those as criteria especially that it required over and over to update your address. Additionally , so many are involved in STARK ecosystem but just don’t live a degen 24/7 CRYPTO LIFESTYLE to check in every weeks/month whether they need to update their address or so.

This proposal should be reviewed , to say the least. Early adopter of STARK product should be included that I agree . User of DVF, DYDX etc…when it comes to STARKNET actual user this should be decided at a later point when the actual STARKNET platform is less buggy and fully functional.


You are just being even more bias by saying users of starknet mainnet alpha should be ignored until a later date.

Using the starknet bridge in its early days was a pure risk to the extent deposits was gated and limited to a certain cap, infact the warning was there.

So if people took the risk to invest in the success of mainnet alpha by using real funds to stress test the network despite the risks involved they deserve same priority as those who have previously used other starkware products.

Infact what is the argument here? What token are we launching? Isn’t it starknet token? What is the core ethos of web3? The starknet community are by right the users of starknet!

Thank you


This is why i mentioned at a later date. People that genuinely used StarkEx had no clue or expectation of an airdrop. They used it because they liked the technology and the L2 solution that were offered as opposed to those that mainly bridged on Starknet where there were literally no working product at that time…aka “Sybil farmer”. Therefore those should be included at a later point in time plain and simple. Not trying to be the devil advocate here but being factual. A lot of people bridged on Starknet to farm the airdrop while there we absolutely no working products yet live on the network.

Just being factual.


Saying People used starkex without any expectations of airdrop and people who now used starkgate as it was intended are now the airdrop farmers is bias and ridiculous. People used dydx genuinely and also in expectations of airdrop and they got it, people used imx genuinely and some in expectations of airdrop and they also got it. This same are about to get the strk token airdrop made for the starknet community and you say they didn’t use starkex products in anticipation of an airdrop? Lol.

Let’s be factual here, if no one used starkgate how would it be tested? Are you now saying that everyone that used starkgate did that because they were expecting an airdrop? Besides there was no token announcement as at the time Mainnet alpha launched.

Your points are vague. This is not enough reasons to totally ignore starknet users!


let’s be factual, what was the valid reason to bridge funds via starkgate to the Starknet ecosystem when there were virtually no dapps, no application?
I can understand if you are part of those that farmed it via bridging hoping for an airdrop but be honest with yourself- there were literally no reason to bridge fund back then when there were zero, niet, nada project to interact with.

You keep on bringing stress testing the bridge. This is what a dev and testnet is for. Anyways, we are literally arguing for nothing. We both know exactly that the delegates and foundation will have their own criteria. My stance remains the same. I remain stoic about it. starknet bridger prior to any live dapps on the ecosystem was maerely a way to game the airdrop.

You are taking some terrible example ( DYDX, IMX etc) these protocol had a working product so it would have made perfectly sense to interact with them based on ones need. Can’t assimilate dydx , IMX and other StarkEX Product to StarkNet bridge when again, there were no dapps whatsoever at that point in time.

You farmed it , and just be honest about it.


Lol, at this point you dont have any more valuable input so you resorted to calling me a farmer(Sybil).

People like you don’t believe another person’s opinions matter simply because you are trying to protect your own bag, I understand your pains , you don’t want anyone to dilute your rewards and it’s obvious you farmed starkex too.

Imagine indirectly saying that starknet mainnet alpha isn’t a working product?

I believe I’ve been able to state my opinions without insults and have been very open minded with this topic…

Like you said, it’s upto to delegates to decide.

The community will make a statement in due time…

GG :heart:


Perhaps the translator from English to Spanish would have made me misunderstand your proposal, if so, excuse me.

I think people should be rewarded from more to less if they started on the Devnet network, then testnet and finally mainnet.

It is very easy to go loaded with bags of dollars in ethereum at the last moment and get airdrops thanks to strategies to enter and exit the ecosystem, but I do not see it as fair.

If the network is an example of maximum decentralization, it should be divided by how much love and time you have put into testing the project and seeing how it has gone from slower to faster and its evolution.

I am not one to spend real money transactions in ecosystems that are under initial construction, but I have put in enough hours to have immersed myself in the ecosystem.

To demonstrate that this is the case, I leave you my SN goerli account from Braavos and the goerli account from Metamask:

androcrypto.stark 0x024cfd38781e22df2da33202b83181bd47c470d17ce97fae420f9890f4a9dd39


Two examples out of many: With I have been helping to test from the beginning doing everything they ask for, I even got an SID airdrop on testnet through Dolven Labs. The bridge passes on testnet daily and not by spending real money I am less valuable, if the thought is that, they better take the tokens and not give them away and sell them to a VC.


The test network is subject to Sybil attacks hundreds of times more than the mainnet. Based on this, rewarding them is even more stupid.


If it were stupid, the developers wouldn’t start with testnet and they wouldn’t ask the community for help to test the ecosystem, don’t you think? First the one and then the two and then the three, to get to make a Ferrari, first the wheel and the engine had to be created, all the people who were there from the beginning must be rewarded, not only those who spent money in transactions with mainnet airdrop expectations.


Well this proposal seem somewhat near Okay in my opinion, but you have actually left out the real folks who lay the foundation for what Starkware built now, DYDX and the likes users.

However if I make ask, is the eligibility/requirements for any airdrop open for discussion like this? I thought any eligibility for airdrop(s) should be in the purview of the the Project Foundation. Since it’s the first airdrop before the constitution of a DAO, Foundation should have a complete hand on this base on data that should be favourable to Starkware a whole.


Agree with a small part

  1. The main problem now is that there are few ecological projects in the main network. I can’t imagine what kind of people would trade multiple times. Even so how do you define an account with multiple transactions that is not illegal? It’s ridiculous to rely on the number of transactions and balance to determine the legitimacy of a user. I have personally experienced the main network ecology. The feeling is average.
  2. The purpose of the initial airdrop is to attract more users. Not to eliminate real users. If you give 10 illegal users airdrops in exchange for a real user I think the airdrop is valid.
  3. you can think of the hunters have also thought of.
    My point.

Should be divided into batches of airdrops, the first airdrop do not filter out too many illegal addresses. Illegal address symbolically give a little compensation. To attract users to stay. The airdrop is advertising. l2 competition is fierce, most of the users are very simple, is to make money. The current experience of the main network is average, and the cost of gas is not very low. May I ask why users choose to trade on the starknet network?
strong text


Perhaps we could consider those who have minted a StarknetID and have attached either a GitHub, Twitter, or Discord account serve as the eligibility criteria or airdrop multiplier. We can identify Sybil attackers through their activity on social media/GitHub (such as account creation date, number of tweets/followers/following, and Git commits).


I have heard of a way to distribute tokens using dapps within the ecosystem. For example starknet gives tokens to dapps that can only be distributed to users of that app. I think this is effective for the starknet ecosystem as it increases TVL and interest in intra-ecosystem projects. Any thoughts on this?


This is also a valid approach hhowever i think this should be rolled out on a second phase. If anything, Optimism approach of decentralization is the best I have seen in this space so far.

IMO any users that started with STARKWARE in early days should be allocated more. Using testnet and dev should serve as a multiplier and not a as an eligibility criteria. Simply put, Using STARKex product is the minimum requirement . StarkEx + testnet_ devnet+ staking should be attributed some multiplier.But in no cases should TESTNET+DEVNET be an eligibility criteria- should only serve as a multiplier.


Hey guys! I would add to this proposals another criteria ! To be eligible for the stark airdrop( if is there going to be one) a user should have used at least 3 dapps on starknet mainnet before a certain date(snapshot date) ! I think that this would eliminate a part of Sybil’s ! And of course to interact with blockchain at least 3 different days / or in different weeks ! And if they want to reward the testnet users this still could be used as a criteria, of course a bigger nr. of dapps and more interactions with testnet bridges for testnet eligibility !

  1. Mint an nft
  2. Make a swap tx
  3. Transfer funds
  4. bridge eth from L1-L2
  5. Etc.

I think that if starknet will do an airdrop they could take into account to reward users whom used (explored)the “full” functionality of the tech !

Have a good day !


I think you need to focus on on-chain activity, select a certain number of users who have made the greatest contribution to the starknet, actions on the test network and other original activities can serve as a multiplier, it will not work to calculate sybil accounts by biased opinions



Your assertion here is biased and does not hold water!

Airdrop should be fair and not for set of people…

You think supporting a project is just by bridging one or two times on mainnet. How about folks that make transactions on the project building on the starknet

Don’t you know that they are the real user!..


I will say, early users weather test-net users or main-net user or both should be treated equally. everyone is making thier contribution. aptos didnt filter anyone they just came outta blue. so filtering doesn’t really makes sense.


The current issue is the lack of ecological projects on the main network, and it’s challenging to determine which accounts with multiple transactions are not illegal. Reliance on transaction numbers and balance is not a reliable way to determine legitimacy. Airdrops should attract more users rather than eliminate existing ones, and even if there are some illegal users, they should not compromise the airdrop’s validity. A suggestion is to divide airdrops into batches and not filter out too many illegal addresses initially. It will symbolically compensate for the illegitimate users and encourage others to stay. Airdrops are essentially advertising, and competition in L2 is intense, so it is essential to attract users to the Starknet network.