More details about API problems with Flex NFT market place?

Could anyone tell us more about API problems.

Hey The_Architect. Thanks for asking. I am the CEO of Flex Marketplace
As a new builder we don’t have capacity to build our own infrastructure yet and need to rely to a 3rd party API service to run the marketplace. Our traffic caught up with our initial plan and some internal issues caused Flex to close service for 2 days. However we already got back API service and tried to optimize our platform to fit in the current package.
We are back to online now and also working on some solutions to scale our own infra.
We are committed to build a great platform to serve NFT community on Starknet not only users but also traders, artists and new builders.


Thank you for sharing details about the outage and welcome back!

Thxs a lot for ur reply

Thank you everyone for your support. In the meantime if you have any issues feel free to dm me on our discord or follow my twitter at @fearmekvv.