Starknet templates on Fleek

Need connect to developer relations team member.

I am with the Fleek team. Fleek is a web3 developer platform. We are solving the issue of fragmented web3 infrastructure by offering a unified web3 development platform that makes it easy to build, scale, and maintain any app on web3 infra.

We current have over 70,000 apps using Fleek and 4,000 registered ENSs.

We are creating a suite of open source templates for developers to launch apps in 1 click with Fleek, getting them building faster - we would love to discuss adding a template for Starknet.

Check out the templates we’ve built on Github here (GitHub - fleekxyz/templates: Fleek's public template and tools repository for web3 builders.). We are already working with protocols like Arweave, Push, Lens, and more to add templates.

Would love to connect with a developer relations team member to hear if getting a Starknet template up on Fleek could be something of interest.