Focus on ecological development, not on airdrops

Seeing that most people are discussing the issue of airdrops instead of focusing on the development of the ecology, I feel a little anxious. There are various problems in the current network that need to be solved, such as lagging and the problem of importing different wallets. Of course, these are only technical aspects. We are discussing ecological aspects, which are also urgently needed.

Those are the farmers. Keep making topics about development of the starknet ecosystem and the community you’re looking for will find you, but for now you just got to try to ignore the airdrops topics.

The development of the community is very important, mainly because the airdropped community will not have a long-term development

I also think that we should pay attention to the ecology of the community. The community still does not have enough high-quality posts

Agree, though airdrop is important but development of ecosystem is even more important! Aptos gives a good example. It’s good to see that there’s more and more project onboard to starknet, it’s vital now to support & build up community for these projects.

Totally agree. Let’s focus on development.

Those are the farmers. Keep making topics about development of the starknet ecosystem and the community you’re looking for will find you, but for now you just got to try to ignore the airdrops topics.

Airdrops are good as a tool of marketing that helps to attract people to the project, who later get acquainted with it. People are loosing their time and money for gas and they begin to appreciate the project where they spent their money, effort, time…and if in the process of this interaction they encountered something that they like and something that suits them, they will not only stay there forever, but they will also appreciate this project much more than those who did nothing in this project

I just want to say that Marketing without good project is nothing. But marketing helps project to grow and develop. And we all should remember two simple things…1)Goal of Starknet should be a building of good project(that we acctually see). 2)Goal of Starknet users should be: understanding the project at first, using the project(as well supporting) and in future finding projects in ecosystem that they like more.

Agreed, in the recent hot air drop projects, most people are paying attention to how much air drop is needed and how to obtain more air drops. No one cares about the project itself at all.

one reason most projects gives out higher rewards to builders than users… users provide feedback to developers , devs solves the problem users are reporting…the relationship between devs and users are important when starting a project… and not all users or farmers abandon the network once airdrop is recieved. many of them are injecting those drops to their supported projects too. so i think listening to both sides and respectfully hearing their thoughts/opinion is a good thing for the whole network.

I’m fairly new to the community, and i’m not ashamed to say what brought me here initially was the prospect of an airdrop. That being said, I have no itention to ‘game the system’ and plan on being an active participant doing what I can to earn those rewards authentically and contribute in a way that is mutually beneficial to both myself and the project itself with no intentions of abandoning aftwerwards (because if the product is viable, why would I?)
Interest in an airdrop doesn’t necessarily mean negative intentions or not having an interest in the future development.

All of that being said though as I’ve had a good experience using what is availiable so far, I agree there needs to be a fair amount more development before it gets to the stage of token distribution and we may be putting the cart ahead of the horse at the moment if that makes sense (I may not be using that phrase 100% correct)

The development ecology is also particularly important.
I’m a smart contract development engineer at a web3 company. I’m currently learning and developing applications on starknet. During the access process, it was found that the support for cario1.0 was not perfect, which greatly affected the progress of development and application.
I hope it can be resolved as soon as possible, and it will be more friendly to contract development.

Absolutely I agree.It is very important to build a community and ensure its continuation.

It’s understandable that you feel anxious about the focus on airdrops and the lack of attention to other important aspects of network development and ecosystem building.

In addition to technical considerations, ecosystem development is also crucial for the long-term success of a blockchain project. This includes building a diverse and engaged community of users, developers, and other stakeholders who contribute to the ecosystem in various ways. This can involve activities such as developer outreach, education, hackathons, partnerships, and community events, among others. Creating a supportive and collaborative ecosystem can help foster innovation, drive adoption, and address challenges collectively.

Once technical side is solved, airdrop should be in focus. Ofc there are farmers, but best way to engage community is through airdrop, just look at arbitrum

I also been surprised by several airdrop topics at the top.
Moreover, people are like telling developers what to do and how to admit “early adopters”.

But what I am more interested in, why the L2 transactions, like exchanges, are sooo slow :slight_smile:

I hope that while building the ecology, we can pay more attention to the strength of the third-party platform on the chain. At present, Starknet’s largest DEX-10kswap has extremely poor problem-solving ability. The problem of liquidity pool funds being inexplicably transferred a week ago was reported by DC. No official administrator came forward to solve the problem. Instead, a group of scammers in DC pretended to be officials to reply. This is Starknet’s largest DEX at present. Such efficiency in handling things like this will seriously affect Starknet’s user experience. Airdrops that belong to floating Superficial users, but at least it provides gorgeous data for the chain, but the capabilities of third-party infrastructure like SWAP determine the user’s recognition of the ecology, and currently Starknet does not have a particularly good community environment :expressionless:

I’d rather focus on creating amazing dapps

I also been surprised by several airdrop topics at the top.
Moreover, people are like telling developers what to do and how to admit “early adopters”.:+1:

Agree ah, good to see that more and more dapps onboard to Starkent and some do looks promising. But… there’s a lot need to be improved too such as UX, transaction speed, gas, unknowned error problem…etc