StarknetPolska Twitter profile became suspended!

Hello Dear Starknet Community! As a few of You may know I run StarknetPolska Twitter (X) profile. Everything was all right till today. StarknetPolska profile have been suspended.

It’s actually sad. I run this profile from the bottom for the Polish Starknet Community over half an year. I’ve wrote about Starknet Projects, dapps, technology, events etc. More over X support didn’t show me what exactly rule or rules I’ve broke.

I was really surprised when Starknet Foundation announced ECMP. I was really excited I have a chance to be part of this program. But now, all of my work and future opportunities are at risk. I just submitted account reinstatement at it seems it’ll took from 5-7 days to review it.

My question is: if my account will become suspended forever will I lose my chance to become taken on ECMP? As I read in ECMP rules “past work” is counted. I submitted my contribution just after release of this community program so maybe someone already reviewed my profile :D.

As I said I wonder cause I may also lose future opportunities. That’s why guys we need truly decentralized social medias. Instead in the near future it may happens to all of us. The same thing happen to Aptos Polska which is run by my friend. I hope it just an algorithm issue and we’ll get our accounts back again.

I’ll appreciate all of Your thoughts and each advice.

Hang in there, bro! I’m sure this problem will be resolved soon. Your job should not be lost!

hi, X uses bots to scan and suspend all accounts that they believe against the X policies. I thinks you need to contact the X support and explain that what you have done is not against the policy and will follow the rules, then your X account can be lifted.
Good luck.