Starknet's Local Community Guidelines and Policies

Dear StarkNet Family,

As our global network continues to expand, we recognize the importance of establishing clear guidelines and structures for local StarkNet communities. These guidelines will ensure that all communities, maintain a consistent approach to fostering growth, transparency, accountability, and collaboration.

Before presenting the proposal, we would like to emphasize the reasons why establishing these guidelines is crucial:

  • Providing a clear framework for responsibilities and mission statement
  • Increasing efficiency in community management and resource allocation
  • Encouraging collaboration within local ecosystems, preventing gate-keepers
  • Preventing corruption and conflict of interests and promoting transparency and accountability within local communities
  • Holding local communities heads accountable by publishing the guidelines on their websites

Based on this information, I am sharing the draft I have prepared with you. I hope this draft helps for deliberation. I am waiting for any critics, suggestions and feedbacks.

Starknet’s Local Community Guidelines and Policies v0.1

Mission Statement:

Linking Global to Local, Being Open and Equal

This local organizations are not a company; but a community. The organizations are not for profit. They focus on the growth and strengthening of the StarkNet’s Local communities.

However, they may receive sponsorships and donations from Starknet Foundation or organizations approved by the Foundation to provide resources for their activities and events.


  • Enabling local as global, linking global to local
  • Being supportive, but not directive
  • Building a community to build their own dApps, not only building dApps
  • Being open and equally for any builders and contributors on Starknet

Aims of Local Communities

  • Onboard builders and encourage them to develop their projects on StarkNet, providing them with equal access to resources and opportunities to support their free expression of ideas and projects.
  • Facilitate the collaboration of individuals interested in developing projects on StarkNet, serving as a catalyst for community-building and innovation.
  • Apply the global philosophy of StarkNet in the local community.
  • Organize open local events and activities
  • Publish relevant content that educates and informs the community about the benefits, news, and advancements of StarkNet technology.
  • Translating Global Publications

Members & Responsibilities

Core Team

  • Creating workflows, timelines, and budgets to plan, execute, and monitor the Starknet Local
  • Set up regular meetings and publishing it transparently.
  • Managing resources in line with StarkNet Foundations’s goals.
  • Providing an environment for builders to communicate and collaborate effectively.
  • Defining success metrics for the project and monitoring progress towards them.
  • Acting impartially and treating all team members equally.
  • Providing information symmetry to participants (unless against Starkware’s policies).
  • Reporting local events statistics,meetup notes, starknet projects building in local, weekly updates, and grant requests, to the foundation.
  • Meetup notes should be published on Local’s website.

University Coordinators

  • Create awareness about StarkNet network in universities and provide support during the onboarding process
  • Act as liaisons between the StarkNet Local’s community and universities
  • Educate and inform university students about StarkNet and blockchain technology
  • Encourage and mentorship university students in developing projects on the StarkNet network
  • Organize events to increase StarkNet presence in universities, in collaboration with university students
  • Actively participating and contributing to local StarkNet events
  • Providing feedback, suggestions, and contributions to the local StarkNet community

DAO Coordinators (or Representatives)

  • Representing DAOs at local StarkNet events
  • Onboarding and creating connections with DAO participants who are interested in building on StarkNet
  • Encouraging and mentoring members of the DAO community to develop projects on the StarkNet network
  • Actively participating and contributing to local StarkNet events
  • Providing feedback, suggestions, and contributions to the local StarkNet community

Ethics Violation

If any member of the core team exhibits behavior that goes against equity and transparency, and as a result, causes a knowledge asymmetry (such as opportunities by foundation, events, grant opportunities), it should be reported to the foundation to determine if this behavior is an ethical violation.

Furthermore, any behavior that violates the personal rights of an individual or involves any form of harassment will result in the removal of the committee member.

Builder Members
Any local project builder (in any role) is a “Builder Member” without asking. (Note: This “Builder Member” is not samething with Foundation’s “Builder Council”.)
Any local project builder on Starknet can participate the private discord (or channels) without any permission (more than proof of the participation of the project). This is important for collaboration.

Any Builder members are invited for any Local’s meetup.


  • Support the organization’s activities by helping with event planning, promotion, and other tasks
  • Play a vital role in fostering community growth and engagement
  • Volunteers has roles in terms of content translation, proof-reading, publishing, design and event organisation.

I hope this topic both helps foundation’s and local communities. I am happy to opening this to deliberation and discuss.

Thanks @guthl for encouraging me to publish it on this forum.

my delegate address:


As the largest university blockchain community in Turkey, we are eager to work with such local organizations. We are currently in close contact with the Starknet Turkey community.

With support from the Starknet Foundation, we can manage this in a more organized way.

Thanks to Yaman for preparing the proposal <3