A wild aridrop-8.1% Unallocated

I think a wild airdrop is a must. First of all, a large-scale airdrop can improve the reputation of the project, and a good reputation is the basis for the long-term operation of chain, which helps to retain old users and attract new users. Secondly, I think it is necessary to increase the reward of candy for early users to form a wealth creation effect, which will double the influence of the project. Finally, I think it is necessary to killing Sybil attacks, and I agree with some in the forums that there was a spike in accounts in August-September, including a large number of Sybil accounts; Before version 0.12, the on-chain experience was not good, and the Sybilers was relatively small at that time, so I don’t know if there was a snapshot before the upgrade, because I seem to have seen hints from the project side before the upgrade. Of course, I don’t have any ill will towards real users who entered in version 0.12, so multiple snapshots might also be a good option. For the standard, I listed the following points: 1. time span, 2. tx number; 3. The number of interactive contracts; 4. Interaction amount; The above can be used as a reference item for screening users, and finally I hope to distribute tokens openly and fairly, so that the project, community, ecology, and users can achieve a win-win situation, and I wish Starknet better and better

I agree with you. A wild airdrop is a must. Honestly, I came to Starknet some weeks ago because I have heard about a possible airdrop. But now I have used the chain and I see the benefits, so I will continue to use Starknet in the future. And for sure I will not sell my bag if I get an airdrop. That makes no sense. It’s a good project and I believe the value of the Token will grow in the next years. So why should I sell my bag right after the airdrop when I am sure the value will go up ?

The idea with an Airdrop is to attract new permanent users and in my case it has worked. I am really sure that I am not the only one.

The idea with several snapshots is very good!

I agree with your two points. Firstly, it is necessary to use wild airdrops to attract users. If everyone loses money and no one benefits from it, no users will continue to use it. Secondly, it is necessary to consider multiple dimensions of transaction data, especially rewarding users before version 0.12, who have worked very hard.

Agree, may not that wide but you need to make early user benefited. I hope the Starknet foundation thoroughly check those protocols deployed. Those protocols ARE NOT COMPETITIVE AT ALL with other chains. Allocate token to users are much more better than to those “developers”

sure.Hopefully.Starknet users will be rewarded,.so that they will become permanent supporters of Starknet. this is the best result. developers are important.but users are even more important.all projects are competing for users.but having a good reputation is the foundation